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NICHD (1991)

-1000 children
-Studied n daycare up to 5 years old

Results for NICHD

-Didnt matter what quality of the day care was they were still more aggressive
-Was worse if you had been in group daycare than a childminder (could be due to fighting for resources)
-Daycare is not good for children and group daycare leads to more aggression than to one childminding

Weaknesses- NICHD

-They could have exaggerated the results
-The system of daycare in America could be different to UK

Strengths- NICHD

-All children who had less than 30 hours of daycare a week were not affected in a bad way

EPPE (1991)

-3000 children from 141 different daycare centres
-At age of 3 or 4 did individual profiles for each child with detailed assessments
-Followed up till they were 7 years old

Findings- EPPE

-If children spent more than 20 hours a week they had more aggressive outcomes
-If they were in for 40 hours a week they were significantly more aggressive
-The more the care givers were changing, the worse they were


-It could have been that the children in daycare could have been a different attachment type to those being raised at home

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