history quiz 12/13

attempt to rebuild the south
lincoln's 10% plan
a state rejoins the Union with 10% loyalty pledge
radical republicans
severely punish the south
johnson's plan
a mix of both ideas to appease everyone
many people wanted power/wealth to rebuild south
the problem with the reconstruction plans
amendment 13
abolished slavery
amendment 14
gave blacks citizenship
amendment 15
gave blacks right to vote
impeachment trial
first time president accused of crime
president Johnson
the who in the impeachment trial
accused of breaking law
reason for the impeachment trial
johnson cleared by one vote
the result of the impeachment trial
oliver howard
the leader in freedman's bureau
to educate black to adapt to free society
the purpose of the freedman's bureau
black codes
laws that intentionally discriminated
greedy northern businessmen
greedy southern businessmen
share cropping
rent land/supplies from owner to farm
martial law
military rule in each state until it rejoins US
Ku Klux Klan
violent protest group
white southerners trying to rebuild the south's glory