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Why is mitosis important to multicellular organisms like us and other plants and animals? Why is mitosis important to one-celled organisms like an ameoba or paramecium?

Mitosis Importance

Mitosis is important to multicellular organisms because to grow, cells need to reproduce. It is important for single-celled organisms like ameobas and paramecium to reproduce to keep their species alive.


A balance or equilibrium


A liquid substance (usually water) used to dissolve the solute


The dissolved substance in a solution


A mixture of a solvent and a solute

Osmotic Equilibrium

The state in which there is an even concentration of water molecules inside the cell and outside the cell, so that molecules move in and out of the cell at the same rate and the cell does not shrink or swell

Cell Membrane

A thin membrane around the cytoplasm of a cell made up of two layers of phospholipids with proteins embedded in them that controls the passage of substances in and out of the cell. A cell membrane is semipermeable, meaning it only lets certain substances pass through.

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