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  1. (King) Charles II
  2. (King) Charles I
  3. (Sir Robert) Walpole
  4. Metacom's War (King Phillip's War)
  5. (General) James Wolfe
  1. a Native Americans battle New England colonies; large percentage of native americans died, making it one of the bloodiest wars in US; severely damaged the Native American presence in the new world
  2. b British Whig chief minister; his patronage system created the policy of salutary neglect in the US
  3. c General who was given task of capturing Quebec by Pitt in 1759
  4. d this English monarch's reign was marked by the English Civil War; the monarchy was temporarily dispowered after his rule
  5. e reinstalled the English monarchy; was disliked for his support of Catholicism; toppled by parliamentary leaders in the Glorious Revolution

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  1. act which raised tax on molasses; made British products cheaper than those of the West Indies
  2. Spanish Monarch who sent the Spanish Armada to attack England, which failed
  3. a group of farmers massacre a peaceful Native American tribe because of Pennsylvania's Indian policy
  4. These sets of acts restricted the US to trade with England, which helped fuel resentment of England
  5. proposed that second-generation members be granted the same privilege of baptism (but not communion) as had been granted to the first generation; tried to encourage a spiritual conversion and full-church membership

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  1. (Williams) PittEnglish Separatists who arrived in Massachusetts in the Mayflower


  2. (King) Henry VIIIEnglish monarch who broke from the Catholic Church and established the Anglican Church (Church of England); father of Queen Elizabeth I


  3. Fundamental Constitutions of Carolinaset up a governing system in Connecticut; similar to MA's government


  4. (Peter) Stuyvesanta fort built by the French; renamed Fort Pitt after it was captured by the British early the French-Indian war


  5. (John) Winthropbrought tobacco to Virginia; married Pocohantas