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  1. Treaty of Paris (1763)
  2. (Williams) Pitt
  3. (King) William III and (Queen) Mary II
  4. (Benjamin) Franklin
  5. (General) Edward Braddock
  1. a General who led British forces in French and Indian War; used much of his own money to finance the war
  2. b Commanded forces sent by Great Britain to support American colonists; defeated and killed by French and Indian troops
  3. c US politician, diplomat, scientist, inventor, writer; the US extention of the enlightenment
  4. d treaty which ended the French and Indian war; made Britain the major power in North America;
  5. e King and Queen of England who were enthroned after the Glorious Revolution

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  1. act which raised tax on molasses; made British products cheaper than those of the West Indies
  2. led Puritans to Massachusetts Bay Colony; "City on a Hill" quote
  3. General who was given task of capturing Quebec by Pitt in 1759
  4. American extention of the Glorious Revolution; overthrew Andros and send him back to England
  5. this system encouraged immigration by granting heads of households 50 acres of land per servant he brings

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  1. Fundamental Orders of Connecticutlaws of Carolina that never went into effect because it mostly benefitted the wealthy


  2. Virginia Companythe first covenant of government in the US;


  3. Martin LutherGerman monk who broke for the Catholic Church; initiated the Protestant Reformation


  4. (Sir Robert) Walpoleadvocated religious tolerance and separation of church and state; he was banished from Massachusetts and established Rhode Island


  5. Declaration of Rights1689, a Bill of Rights, signed by the monarchs of England to recognize the rights of English people --> precursor to American Bill of Rights