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  1. (Thomas) Hooker
  2. Mayflower Compact
  3. (Nathaniel) Bacon
  4. Treaty of Paris (1763)
  5. (Anne) Hutchinson
  1. a Virginian; led a rebellion against the government's orders not to attack the Native Americans for land
  2. b left MA to avoid coersive policies of magistrates and to find better land; established Connecticut River Valley
  3. c the first covenant of government in the US;
  4. d MA women who opposed Puritan doctrines and held prayer meetings in which she argued that salvations would be awarded for good faith rather than good deeds
  5. e treaty which ended the French and Indian war; made Britain the major power in North America;

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  1. Governor of New Netherland, the precursor to New York
  2. this system encouraged immigration by granting heads of households 50 acres of land per servant he brings
  3. English nobleman who led an early attempt to establish a colony in the New World; associated with Roanoke, "the Lost Colony"
  4. act which raised tax on molasses; made British products cheaper than those of the West Indies
  5. General who was given task of capturing Quebec by Pitt in 1759

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  1. Navigation Acts (1651, 1660, 1663)These sets of acts restricted the US to trade with England, which helped fuel resentment of England


  2. (Queen) Elizabeth Iled Puritans to Massachusetts Bay Colony; "City on a Hill" quote


  3. Old and New Lights1689, a Bill of Rights, signed by the monarchs of England to recognize the rights of English people --> precursor to American Bill of Rights


  4. Martin Luthera group of farmers massacre a peaceful Native American tribe because of Pennsylvania's Indian policy


  5. (Sir Edmund) AndrosBritish Whig chief minister; his patronage system created the policy of salutary neglect in the US