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  1. Stono Rebellion
  2. Albany Plan of Union
  3. Duke of York (James II)
  4. Martin Luther
  5. Headright System
  1. a A 1739 slave rebellion in Charleston, South Carolina; worried whites and caused plantations to suppress blacks more
  2. b this system encouraged immigration by granting heads of households 50 acres of land per servant he brings
  3. c German monk who broke for the Catholic Church; initiated the Protestant Reformation
  4. d a plan proposed by Benjamin Franklin to unite the colonies
  5. e took New Netherlands and named it New York; became English king, who was disliked for his support of Catholicism

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  1. Native Americans battle New England colonies; large percentage of native americans died, making it one of the bloodiest wars in US; severely damaged the Native American presence in the new world
  2. set up a governing system in Connecticut; similar to MA's government
  3. American extention of the Glorious Revolution; overthrew Andros and send him back to England
  4. an american theologian and congregational clergyman whose sermons associated with the Great Awakening; known for fire-and-brimstone speeches
  5. English monarch who granted the Virginia Company, and other groups, rights to etablish colonies

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  1. Treaty of Paris (1763)an act enacted in Maryland to grant religious freedom to all Christians


  2. (William) BerkeleyEnglish Separatists who arrived in Massachusetts in the Mayflower


  3. Virginia Companyfirst English colony established in the US; included traders and adventurers with no motive to settle; colony failed at first


  4. Fort Duquesnea fort built by the French; renamed Fort Pitt after it was captured by the British early the French-Indian war


  5. (Sir Robert) WalpoleEnglish nobleman who led an early attempt to establish a colony in the New World; associated with Roanoke, "the Lost Colony"