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  1. (Sir Edmund) Andros
  2. Metacom's War (King Phillip's War)
  3. New Netherland
  4. (General) James Wolfe
  5. (John) Rolfe
  1. a General who was given task of capturing Quebec by Pitt in 1759
  2. b Native Americans battle New England colonies; large percentage of native americans died, making it one of the bloodiest wars in US; severely damaged the Native American presence in the new world
  3. c governor of the Dominion of New England; disliked for upsetting the established political systems in New England
  4. d the colony which would become New York
  5. e brought tobacco to Virginia; married Pocohantas

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  1. These sets of acts restricted the US to trade with England, which helped fuel resentment of England
  2. leading evangelist of religious reform in England and the colonies; Great Awakening that challenged the established religious order.
  3. Governor of New Netherland, the precursor to New York
  4. English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War (1599-1658)
  5. a bloodless coup in England tha overthrew James the II and enthroned Mary II and William the III; weakened the monarchial power

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  1. (King) Charles Ithis English monarch's reign was marked by the English Civil War; the monarchy was temporarily dispowered after his rule


  2. (Lord) BaltimoreEnglish noble man who etablished Maryland as a refuge from religious persecution


  3. Virginia Companythe first covenant of government in the US;


  4. Toleration Act (1649)act which raised tax on molasses; made British products cheaper than those of the West Indies


  5. Pontiac's RebellionA 1739 slave rebellion in Charleston, South Carolina; worried whites and caused plantations to suppress blacks more