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  1. Headright System
  2. (Thomas) Hooker
  3. (King) Ferdinand and (Queen) Isabella
  4. Halfway Covenant
  5. Old and New Lights
  1. a this system encouraged immigration by granting heads of households 50 acres of land per servant he brings
  2. b the traditional and new members of the church during the Great Awakening
  3. c left MA to avoid coersive policies of magistrates and to find better land; established Connecticut River Valley
  4. d proposed that second-generation members be granted the same privilege of baptism (but not communion) as had been granted to the first generation; tried to encourage a spiritual conversion and full-church membership
  5. e King and Queen of Spain during the age of Exploration in the 15th century; funded Columbus's journey to America's

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  1. this war led to the execution of King Charles I, Ending with the execution of Charles I, this war was to put either the king or Parliament in the political power of England. This, however, did not resolve this problem.
  2. American extention of the Glorious Revolution; overthrew Andros and send him back to England
  3. US politician, diplomat, scientist, inventor, writer; the US extention of the enlightenment
  4. British Treaty with Native Americans not to settle over the Appalachians; a restriction which upset American settlers, especially since some had already crossed the line
  5. first elected legislative body in the US which could make laws and raise taxes; Virginia;

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  1. (William) Bradfordcorrupt Virginian governor; made large land grants to himself and members in his council and supressed dissent in the House of Burgesses - acts which upset the people; associated with Bacon's Rebellion


  2. Glorious Revolutiona bloodless coup in England tha overthrew James the II and enthroned Mary II and William the III; weakened the monarchial power


  3. (John) RolfeReligious leader during Protestant Reformation; focused on predestination and total depravity


  4. (Sir Walter) Raleighgovernor of the Dominion of New England; disliked for upsetting the established political systems in New England


  5. (Roger) WilliamsReligious leader during Protestant Reformation; focused on predestination and total depravity