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  1. Paxton Boys
  2. (Sir Robert) Walpole
  3. (King) Ferdinand and (Queen) Isabella
  4. Toleration Act (1649)
  5. (John) Rolfe
  1. a King and Queen of Spain during the age of Exploration in the 15th century; funded Columbus's journey to America's
  2. b an act enacted in Maryland to grant religious freedom to all Christians
  3. c a group of farmers massacre a peaceful Native American tribe because of Pennsylvania's Indian policy
  4. d brought tobacco to Virginia; married Pocohantas
  5. e British Whig chief minister; his patronage system created the policy of salutary neglect in the US

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  1. King and Queen of England who were enthroned after the Glorious Revolution
  2. MA women who opposed Puritan doctrines and held prayer meetings in which she argued that salvations would be awarded for good faith rather than good deeds
  3. this system encouraged immigration by granting heads of households 50 acres of land per servant he brings
  4. A 1739 slave rebellion in Charleston, South Carolina; worried whites and caused plantations to suppress blacks more
  5. took New Netherlands and named it New York; became English king, who was disliked for his support of Catholicism

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  1. Virginia CompanyThe Spanish Fleet sent to attack England, but failed due to losses in battle or weather damage


  2. Fundamental Constitutions of Carolinalaws of Carolina that never went into effect because it mostly benefitted the wealthy


  3. (Johnathan) Edwardsan american theologian and congregational clergyman whose sermons associated with the Great Awakening; known for fire-and-brimstone speeches


  4. Albany Plan of Uniona bloodless coup in England tha overthrew James the II and enthroned Mary II and William the III; weakened the monarchial power


  5. (John) CalvinReligious leader during Protestant Reformation; focused on predestination and total depravity