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Radiographic Position Techniques - Fall Final (Seventh Edition, Radiographic Positioning and Related Anatomy, Bontrager)

Posterior/Anterior Oblique Ribs

70kV @ 32mAs

AP Lordotic Chest

125kV@ 3.5mAs

PA Anterior Ribs

70kV @ 32mAs

Oblique Finger

60kV @ 2mAs

AP Upper Airway

80kV @ 10mAs

PA Prone Abdomen

80kV @ 22mAs

Lateral Decubitus Abdomen

80kV @ 30mAs

AP Erect Abdomen

80kV @ 30mAs

PA Finger

60kV @ 2mAs

Lateral Finger

60kV @ 2mAs

Lateral Decubitus Chest

125kV @ 3mAs

Lateral (RAO/LAO) Erect/Recumbent Scapula

75kV @ 13mAs

PA Oblique Thumb

60kV @ 3mAs

Lateral Thumb

60kV @ 3mAs

PA Hand

62kV @ 3mAs

Oblique Hand

64kV @ 3mAs

AP & AP Axial

70kV @ 8mAs

PA Wrist

62kV @ 4mAs

Lateral Wrist

55kV @ 5mAs

RAO Sternum

65kV @ 45mAs

AP Posterior Ribs

70kV @ 32mAs

Lateral Forearm

66kV @ 6mAs

AP Elbow

64kV @ 6mAs

AP Oblique Elbow

64kV @ 6mAs

Lateral Elbow

64kV @ 6mAs

PA Oblique Wrist

64kV @ 4mAs

AP Humerus

70kV @ 6mAs

Lateral or Medial Humerus

70kV @ 6mAs

Transthoracic Lateral

70kV @ 60mAs

AP Internal Shoulder

70kV @ 6mAs

AP Chest

110kV @ 1.7mAs

AP Thumb

60kV @ 3mAs

Inferosuperior Axial (Lawrence) Shoulder

70kV @ 10mAs

Posterior Oblique (Grashey) Shoulder

75kV @ 7mAs

PA Chest

110kV @ 3mAs

Scapular Y Shoulder

75kV @ 13mAs

Fan Lateral Hand

66kV @ 3mAs

AP AC Joints

65kV @ 20mAs

AP Scapula

75kV @ 7mAs

Lateral Sternum

70kV @ 80mAs

PA SC Joints

65kV @ 30mAs

AP External Shoulder

70kV @ 6mAs


65kV @ 30mAs

Lateral Chest

125kV @ 6mAs

Lateral Upper Airway

80kV @ 3mAs

AP Supine Abdomen

80kV @ 22mAs

AP Forearm

62kV @ 6mAs

PA Scaphoid with Ulnar Deviation Wrist

64kV @ 4mAs

Unilateral (AP/PA)

70kV @ 32mAs

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