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Civilization in Eastern Europe: Byzantium and Orthodox Europe: AP World History Chapter 9

The 2 Major Civilizations in Eastern Europe
Byzantium and Western Europe
What religion was Byzantium?
Orthodox Christianity
What religion was Western Europe?
What were the similarities between Byzantium and Western Europe?
1. Influenced by Islam
2. Civilizations spread northward
3. Polytheism gave way to monotheism
a. Some syncretism - old religious beliefs maintained
4. Northern areas struggled for political definition
5. New trading activities
6. Looked back to Greco-Roman past - borrowed
What were the differences between Byzantium and Western Europe?
1. Different, sometimes hostile versions of Christianity
2. Little mutual contact
a. Trade didn't go east/west
3. East more advanced politically, culturally, economically
What was the origin of Byzantium?