Escoffier Compound White Sauces

Sauce Supreme, melted meat glaze, and chopped pimento
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Flour, butter, and boiling water, with an egg and cream liaison, strain and finish with good quality butter.Sauce au Beurre (Sauce Batarde)White Wine, shallot, thyme and bay, and Veloute, finished with chopped tarragon (or Bordelaise made with white wine and veloute instead of red wine and espagnole)Sauce BonnefoyButter and a julianne of leak, onion, celery, and mushrooms, with fish veloute, simmered and finished with cream.Sauce BretonneWhite wine court bouillon from cooking freshwater fish, thickened with beurre manie, simmered and strained finished with butter and cayenne.Sauce CanotiereButter sauce with the addition of capers.Sauce aux Capres (Caper Sauce)Fish stock and truffle essence, reduced. Bechamel and cream, simmer and strain, finish with very red lobster butter and cayenne.Sauce CardinalSauce Allemande with reduced mushroom cooking liquor, and turned button mushrooms.Sauce aux ChampignonsWhite wine, shallot, bay, mushroom trimmings, reduced. Add brown veal stock and reduce again, finish with tarragon and Matire d'Hotel ButterSauce ChateaubriandOrdinary veloute, reduce and add chicken aspic jelly, and cream.White Chaud Froid SauceSauce Allemande, chicken aspic jelly, creamBlonde Chaud Froid SauceOrdinary veloute, chicken aspic jelly, and cream with tomato puree and paprika.Pink Chaud Froid SauceWhite wine infused with parsley, tarragon chives, and chervil, Ordinary Veloute, chicken aspic jelly, cream, and green coloring made from spinach. Used in the preparation of Printaniers.Green Chaud Froid SauceFish veloute, fish aspic jelly and cream.Fish Chaud Froid SauceWhite wine infused with parsley, tarragon chives, chervil, shallot, and salad burnet. Strain and add to Ordinary Veloute, and finish with butter mixed with the same items infused in the wine.Sauce ChivryBechamel slightly reduced finished with cream and lemon juice.Sauce a l crème (Cream Sauce)Fish Veloute, or Bechamel, and fish stock, slightly reduced and finished with shrimp butter, red coloring butter, shelled cooked shrimp and cayenne.Sauce aux Crevettescelery, onion and parsley stalks cooked in butter, thyme, bay leaf, mace, flour and curry powder cooked for a few minutes, and then boiled with white bouillon.Sauce Currie (Curry Sauce)onion parsley, thyme, bay, mace and cinnamon cooked in butter. Curry powder, coconut milk, veal or fish veloute simmered and strained finished with cream and lemon juice.Sauce Currie a l'Indienne (Indian Style Curry Sauce, or Sauce Indienne)Sauce Normande with lobster butterand a small dice of cooked lobster and truffle.Sauce DiplomatSauce a la Crème with the addition of a brunoise of celery, carrot, onion, and french beans.Sauce EcossaiseBlanched pureed and strained tarragon, fish or chicken veloute, finish with chopped tarragon.Sauce EstragonWhite Wine Sauce with the addition of chopped tarragon, parsley, chives, and chervil.Sauce aux Fines HerbesSauce au Beurre with the addition of a puree made from white wine, blanched green gooseberries (or green currants) and a little sugar.Sauce Groseilles (Gooseberry Sauce)Water and vinegar reduction, egg yolks whisked over a bain marie, while adding melted or softened butter. Add a few drops of water if needed and finish with salt and lemon juice.Sauce HollandaiseFish Veloute, cream, lobster butter and red coloring butter.Sauce Homard (Lobster Sauce)Onion cooked in butter with salt and paprika, Fish or ordinary veloute, strained and finished with butter.Sauce HongroiseSauce Normande with the addition of poached and bearded oysters.Sauce aux Huitres (Oyster Sauce)Sauce Supreme with the addition of light colored meat glaze.Sauce IvoireSauce Normande finished with shrimp butter and crayfish butter instead of cream and butter. If the dish being served is ungarnished add julienne of truffle.Sauce JoinvilleButter Sauce with the addition of lemon juice and fish glaze.Sauce LaguipierreJulienne of celery onion, carrot and mushroom, stewed in butter added to fish veloute and finished with julienne of truffle and chopped parsley.Sauce LivonienneHollandaise with the addition of blood orange zest and juice.Sauce MaltaiseSauce Bercy with the addition of muscle cooking liquor, thickened with egg yolksSauce MariniereWhite wine Court Bouillon and mushroom trimmings reduced, added to fish veloute simmered and strained and finished with butter, cayenne, button onions and button mushrooms.Sauce Matelote BlancheBechamel and cooking liquor from the fish being served reduced. Add gruyere and parmesan and finish with butter.Sauce MornayHollandaise and whipped creamSauce Mousseline (Sauce Chantilly)Scald a pan by placing it in boiling water, wipe it dry and add softened butter, salt and lemon juice. Whisk in water and whipped cream.Sauce MousseuseButter sauce with the addition of English mustard.Sauce Moutarde (Mustard Sauce)Sauce Bechamel with the addition of cream, crayfish butter and crayfish tails.Sauce NanutaFry cut up lobster in butter and oil till shell turns red, add brandy and marsala or madiera, reduce then add cream and fish stock simmer and strain, finish with diced lobster meat and creamy parts.Sauce Newburg (with raw lobster)Cook lobster in a shellfish court bouillon, slice the tail meat, season with salt and cayenne, cover with madiera and reduce, then add a liaison of cream and egg yolks.Sauce Newburg (with cooked lobster)Hollandaise finished with Hazelnut Butter (beurre de noisette)Sauce NoisetteFish Veloute, with mushroom cooking liquor, muscle cooking liquor, fish stock, lemon juice thickened with egg yolk and cream. Strain and finish with double cream and butter.Sauce NormandeSauce Americaine flavored with curry powder and finished with creamSauce OrientaleSauce Bearnaise made with mint instead of tarragon.Sauce PaloiseSauce Allemande with reduced mushroom cooking liquor, finished with lemon juice, butter and parsley.Sauce PouletteWhite wine and vinegar reduced by half, add ordinary veloute, and finish off heat with shallot butter, chervil, tarragon and chive.Sauce RavigoteRhine wine and fish stock, mushroom and truffle trimmings, reduced and strained into Sauce Normande, finished with truffle essence.Sauce Regence (for fish)Rhine wine, mushroom cooking liquor, truffle trimmings, reduce, strain and add to Sauce Allemande, and finish with truffle essence.Sauce Regence (for poultry)Sauce Diplomat finished with truffle essence and a small dice of black trufflesSauce RicheMirepoix lightly colored in butter, white wine and fish stock, strain and add madiera, and thicken with egg yolks. Finish with butter, beurre rouge, and anchovy essence.Sauce RubensSauce Vin Blanc with shallot and white wine reduction or shallot butter, mustard and anchovy essence.Sauce Saint-MaloOnion cooked in butter, white wine and reduce almost completely. Add sour cream and lemon juice.Sauce SmitaneLiquid from tomatoes strained through a cloth reduced to a syrupy consistency, with meat glaze, lemon juice, and cayenne. Whisk into Matrie d'Hotel Butter, tarragon, and Shallot Butter.Sauce SolferinoOnions blanched, drained and stewed in butter, with Sauce Bechamel, cooked in the oven, strained, finished with butter and cream.Sauce Soubise (Coulis d'Oignons Soubise) 1Blanched onions, in a pan lined with salt pork, carolina rice, and white bouillon, cooked in the oven. Pound the rice and onions in a mortar, sieve, and finish with cream and butter.Sauce Soubise (Coulis d'Oignons Soubise) 2Prepared sauce Soubise mixed with tomato pureeSauce Soubise Tomatee (Tomato Flavored Soubise)Julienne of carrot, celery and parsley root, stewed in butter, fish stock, white wine, simmer and strain. Poach the fish in this liquid, remove fish, reduce and add White Wine Sauce and finish with butter and the reserved julienneSauce SouchetVinegar and shallot reduction strained, tomato puree and egg yolks, then add oil like you would for a mayonnaise and finish with cayenne.Sauce TryolienneSauce Poivrade with; onions lightly colored in butter, and chopped tomato.Sauce Tryolienne a l'AncienneTarragon vinegar, shallot, chervil reduced and strained, added to White Wine Sauce, finished with green butter, tarragon and chervil.Sauce VenitienneSauce Normande mixed with Sauce Tryolienne, finished with meat glaze and anchovy essence.Sauce VeronVeal gravy, mushroom cooking liquor, ordinary veloute, with Sauce Soubise (made with bechamel), thickened with egg yolks and finished with butter.Sauce VillageoiseSauce Allemande, with ham and truffle essence, reduced till thick enough to coat foods before being egged, breadcrumbed and deep fried.Sauce VilleroySauce Allemande, and Sauce Soubise reduced together. Chopped truffle may be added.Sauce Villeroy SoubiseeSauce Allemande, and tomato puree reduced.Sauce Villeroy TomateeFish veloute, fish stock, egg yolks, and finished with butter.Sauce Vin Blanc (White Wine Sauce) 1Fish stock reduced by half, egg yolks, and then add butter as for Hollandaise sauce.Sauce Vin Blanc (White Wine Sauce) 2Egg yolks lightly heated while whisking in butter, and fish stock.Sauce Vin Blanc (White Wine Sauce) 3