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sociology quiz 2

quiz 2 for final
___ is essential for our individual survival and our communication with other people we rely on it because we are not born with the information we need to survive. we must learn through interaction, observation, and imitation in order to participate as members of the group
what is the central message of the Dove Evolution Ad you saw in class
men and womens perceptions of ideal female beauty is distorted
in the nature vs nurture debate, social scientists take which position
it is the interaction between environmental factors and biological inheritance that is important in human development
according to hesse-biber (becoming a certain body) the traditional socialization of men stresses the importance of ____ as a primary determinant of self image and self-esteem
jean kilborne (beauty and the beast of advertising) explains that adolescent boys and girls are vulnerable to media messages which choice is not one of the reasons for this vulnerability
they desire independence from authority figures
in forming a sense of ourselves we imagine how we appear to others and how others perceive us and finally we develop a feeling about ourselves as a result of these impressions this process is known as the
looking glass self theory
___ is the totality of our believes and feelings about ourselves
sociologist mead's concept of the ___ other refers to the child's awareness of the demands and expectations of the society as a while or of the child's subculture
according to william pollack in "real boys" what is the gender straight jacket
the boy code
based on sociologist mead's theory, ___ often occurs through play and games, as children try out different roles (such as being a mommy) and gain an appreciation of them
role taking
in "real boys" Pollock notes that it is up to parents to take the first step and socialize sons away from the boy code. he encourages parents do all of the following except
socialize the boys to share in traditional female activities likes house cleaning, cooking, and shopping
what gender messages are represented in diesel jean ad we saw in class
men can be promiscuous and women are sex objects
how do the music video clips by Latina and black female performers you saw in class represent femininity
they challenge the skinny idea of female beauty by showing off their shapely bodies but reduce themselves to sexual objects through their provocative presentation
a ___ is a group of people who are linked by common interests, equal social position, and usually similar age
peer group
____ is the systematic study of how biology affects social behavior and asserts that nature, in the form of our genetic makeup, is a major factor in shaping human behavior
females rely on "guides and gurus" for body monitoring according to hesse-biber (becoming a certain body) her female subjects let her know that the most critical guide was their
jackson katz in tough guise uses the metaphor of the box to argue that
boys are boxed in by the societal expectations of what it means to be a real man
allison is playing in a high school field hockey game and passes the ball to erika, who appears to have a scoring opportunity allusions pass suggests that she is aware of her role as a member of a team and that she is now in a which stage of development, according to mead
the game stage
which choice is not an ethical issue raised by the research at the temerlins conducted on lucy the chimp
not disclosing to colleagues the purpose of the experiment
which representation in the dove everyday woman ad does not challenge female stereotypes in the media
the white blonde female in the center
the article good girls gone bad addresses
the pattern of young female stars who are turned into sex objects to establish maturity and continue their success this is an example of the continued objectification of women
hesse-biber (becoming a certain body) explains that females commonly use various body monitoring devices to evaluate themselves, which is not one of them
ritual bathing
what is jean kilbornes main argument in the film killing us softly
the cumulative effect of media representation of stereotypes of femininity can diminish the self concept of adolescent girls
a woman who was socialized from infancy to become a wife and mother settles comfortably into being a homemaker in her twenties and early thirties however her husband dies suddenly and the woman finds out that she must enter the paid labor force in order to support herself and her two children this woman will most likely undergo a process of
on the bps basic black episode on black masculinity the panelists discuss
how stereotypes of black men such as being a thug or being little obama shape the construction of black masculinity today
as a primary agent of childhood socialization, schools play a critical role in teaching children the values and customs of the larger society this view of the socialization process is most likely of particular interest to which sociological perspective
functionalist perspective
throughout childhood and adolescence boys and girls are typically assigned different household chores and given different privileges this illustrates
gender socialization
we are exposed to many ____ throughout our lifetime. according to the text, the most pervasive ones in childhood include family the school peer groups and the mass media
agents of socialization
what is the principle method through which the boy code is reinforced in the first scene of friday night lights
peer pressure and shaming
psychologists maurice and jane temerlin socialized lucy, a chimpanzee, in a human only environment form infancy to 12 years of age. what human like qualities was lucy able to display as a result of her socialization
greet a guest by making tea, learn how to communicate with asl, lie, and express hurt
according to mead, the preparatory stage occurs
when children imitate the people around them, partially family
in the us. males are traditionally expected to demonstrate aggressiveness and toughness whereas female have been expected to be passive and nurturing this illustrates the concept of
gender role
___ is the process of treating people as if they were objects or things not human beings this occurs when we judge people on the basis of their physical appearance rather than on the basis of their individual qualities or actions
in the first segment understanding violent masculinity from tough guise jackson katz compares crime statistics by gender to discuss the social consequences of the normalization of violent masculinity in society katz discuses all of these expect
violent male offenders who complete rehabilitation programs while incarcerated are less likely to become repeat offenders
social learning theory posits that individuals learn gender-appropriate behavior through
imitation and reinforcement