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Theology 1, Ms. D'ambrosio, Sacred Heart Academy, Hamden, Connecticut


The Body of Christ; the community of people who profess faith in the risen Jesus and serve others


The official public worship of the Church

Evangelical counsels

Vows of poverty chastity and obediance


The successor of St. Peter


The Church reaching out to all religions


To bring the good news of Jesus to others

Ex Cathedra

"From the Chair" of St. Peter

The Church is ___ because it continues the faith of the apostles


The Church is ___ because of its founder and source, Jesus Christ, and its soul, the Holy Spirit





False teaching that denies the truths of the Catholic faith

By virtue of our baptism, each of us is called to ___


The Church is in a ___ union with Christ


The pope and the bishops teach through the ___ of the Church



A baptized Christian who believes in Christ but does not accept all the teachings of the Church


A gift of the Spirit when the pope and bishops are preserved from error when proclaiming a Christian doctrine


Spiritual reality that unites the Church's members


A reality filled with God's presence


A visible sign of invisible grace


A mediator between God and people


One sent to continue Christ's work


Official sacred leadership in the Church


Largest Protestant group in America


Members of the Church who are baptized but not ordianed or consecrated

4 Images of the Church

Bride of Christ, pilgrim, flock of Christ, and our mother

4 Ways Catholics Minister to God

Laity, Consecrated or religious life, hierarchy, and baptism

When we are baptized we share in Christ as

Priest, Prophet, and King

The Laity Focus' on these 4 things

Message, community, service, and worship

3 Truths of the Church

People come to be united with God, sign of the unity of mankind, and God uses the Church to bring salvation to the world

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