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Final Exam

A grouping of characters into a word, a group of words, or a complete number is called a record.


In normalization, complex groupings of data are streamlined to eliminate awkward many-to-many relationships.


Many applications today require databases that can store and retrieve multimedia.


OODBMS are slower than relational DBMS.


A data warehouse is typically comprised of several smaller data marts.


OLAP is used to find hidden patterns and relationships in large databases, and infer rules from these to infer future behavior.


predictive analysis is a technique of data mining


common Gateway interface is a specification for processing data on a Web server


a firm's information policy lays out who is responsible for updating and maintaining the information in a database system


data cleansing is the same process as data scrubbing


what is the first step you should take in managing data for a firm?

identify the data needed to run the business

Which of the following best illustrates the relationship between entities and attributes?

The entity CUSTOMER with the attribute ADDRESS

What are the relationships that the relational database is named for?

Relationships between entities

The most basic business database is comprised of:

five tables: for customers, employees, suppliers, products, and sales.

In a relational database, a record is also called a(n):


A field identified in a record as holding the unique identifier for that record is called the:

key field

A one-to-one relationship between two entities is symbolized in a diagram by a line that ends:

in two short marks

A table that links two tables that have a many-to-many relationship is often called a(n):

intersection relation

a DBMS makes the:

physical database available for different logical views.

Which of the following is not a typical feature of DBMS?

Query wizard tool

access is a

DBMS for desktop systems

Microsoft SQL Server is a(n):

DBMS for midrange computers

the selection operation:

creates a subset consisting of all records in the file that meets stated criteria.

the project operation:

creates a subset consisting of columns in a table

An automated or manual file that stores information about data elements and data characteristics such as usage, physical representation, ownership, authorization, and security is the:

data dictionary

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