25 terms

CIS 301 ch 6

Final Exam
Which type of network is used to connect digital devices within a half-mile or 500-meter radius?
Which type of network would be most appropriate for a business that comprised three employees and a manager located in the same office space, whose primary need is to share documents?
Peer-to-peer network
All network components connect to a single hub in a ________ topology.
A network that spans a city, and sometimes its major suburbs as well, is called a:
________ work(s) by using radio waves to communicate with radio antennas placed within adjacent geographic areas.
cell phones
The total amount of digital information that can be transmitted through any telecommunications medium is measured in:
T lines:
are high-speed, leased data lines providing guaranteed service levels.
What service converts IP addresses into more recognizable alphanumeric names?
In the domain name "http://myspace.blogging.com", what are the root, top-level, second-level, and third-level domains, respectively?
".", com, blogging, myspace
IPv6 is being developed in order to:
create more IP addresses
Instant messaging is a type of ________ service.
________ integrate(s) disparate channels for voice communications, data communications, instant messaging, e-mail, and electronic conferencing into a single experience.
unified communications
Web browser software requests Web pages from the Internet using which protocol?
The most common Web server today, controlling 46 percent of the market, is:
Apache HTTP Server
The process of employing techniques to help a Web site achieve a higher ranking with the major search engines is called:
Which of the following is the first generation of cellular systems suitable for wireless broadband Internet access?
The most appropriate wireless networking standard for creating PANs is:
The Wi-Fi 802.11a standard can transmit up to:
54 Mbps in the 5-GHz frequency range.
the IEEE standard for the WiMax is:
IEEE 802.16
Passive RFID tags:
have a range of several feet.
The ____ is special software that routes and manages communications on the network and coordinates networks resources.
network operating system
Prior to the development of _____ , computer networks used leased, dedicated telephone circuits to communicate with other computers in remote locations.
packet switching
____ is the manner in which the components of a network are connected.
A(n) _____ is a commercial organization with a permanent connection to the Internet that sells temporary connections to retail subscribers.
internet service provider
A(n) _____ is software for locating and managing stored Web pages.
Web server