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  1. Who was a three headed dog and a gaurd of Hades
  2. what are the 3 puposes of myths
  3. who fell in love with Thisbe
  4. who was an one- eyed monster
  5. what happens to queenie when she is flirting with sammy
  1. a entertainment, knowloge, understanding
  2. b Pyramus
  3. c polyphemus
  4. d Cerebus
  5. e gets kicked out by mr. lingle

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  1. Narcissus
  2. Bellrophon
  3. they are afraid of beeing accused
  4. Io
  5. Orpheus

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  1. what is wrong with marry warrenshe lacks the strength to renounce the girls


  2. what was rev. Parris worried aboutshe lacks the strength to renounce the girls


  3. who was the god of wineaphrodite


  4. who is the jellous wife of ZeusHera


  5. she was raised by bearsAtalanta