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  1. who is the jellous wife of Zeus
  2. who was turned into a cow because of my affair with Zeus
  3. who was kidnaped and taken to the underworld
  4. who fell in love with Thisbe
  5. who is the Goddess of love
  1. a persephone
  2. b Io
  3. c aphrodite
  4. d Pyramus
  5. e Hera

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  1. Narcissus
  2. gets kicked out by mr. lingle
  3. Dionysus
  4. Europa
  5. entertainment, knowloge, understanding

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  1. Who was the Geatest hero of GreeceHercules


  2. Who tryed to ride pegasus to mount OlympusBellrophon


  3. who fell in love with psychePyramus


  4. who was the creator of the statue that Aphrodite turned into a humanPygmalion


  5. Who asked Zeus to see him in his real formSemele