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World Culture: A Global Mosaic Chapters 15.1-15.2, Chapters 25-28
Sumerian/Mesopotamian Empire (Start)
3500 B.C.
Shang Dynasty
1650-1027 B.C.
Moses and the Exodus from Egypt
800's to 700's B.C.
Height of the Persian Empire
500 B.C.
Formation of OPEC
1960 A.D.
Ancient Greece
800 B.C. - 600 A.D.
Hellenistic Civilization
323-115 B.C.
Roman Empire Begins
115 B.C.
Birth of Jesus
believed to be 0 A.D.
70 A.D.
Foundation of Islam
about 610 A.D.
Umayyad Dynasty
661-750 A.D.
Abbasid Dynasty
750-1258 A.D.
1096-1187 A.D.
Ottoman Empire
1300's-1917 A.D.
Safavid Empire
1500's-1736 A.D.
Suez Crisis
1882-1922 A.D.
First Zionist Movement
1897 A.D.
World War 1
1914-1918 A.D.
Foundation of Israel
1948 A.D.
Lebanese Conflict/Revolution
1975 A.D.
Islamic Revolution
1979 A.D.
Iran/Iraq War
1980-1988 A.D.
Persian Gulf War
1990-1991 A.D.
Iraq War (Most Recent)
1998 A.D. - present day
Egyptian Revolution (Recent)
2011 A.D.