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4000 BC


2300 BC

Height of Sumerians
Call of Abraham

2000 BC

Ten Commandments

1500 BC

Collapse of NewKingdom
Decline of Egypt

1100 BC

Conquest of Northern Kingdom

721 BC

Babylonian captivity of Jews

586 BC

Peloponnesian War

431 - 404 BC

Rome conquers Egypt
Pax Romana

30 BC

Ethiopian eunuch

AD 35

Islam in North Africa

AD 700

Hellenic Age

700 BC

Founding of Rome

753 BC

Rome Republic

509 BC

End of western Roman empire

AD 476

Death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

AD 30

Persecution under Nero

AD 64

Edict of Milan

AD 313

Roman empire divided

AD 395

Alexius Comnenus

AD 1081 - 1118

Capture of Constantinople

AD 1453

Treaty of Verdun

AD 843

Henry the Fowler

AD 919

Council of Toulouse

AD 1229

"Babylonian Captivity" of the papacy

AD 1305 - 1378


AD 1060

First Crusade

AD 1096 - 1099

Black Death

AD 1334 - 1351

First English Bible

AD 1382

Gutenburg and the printing press

AD 1440

Battle of Hastings

AD 1066

Magna Carta

AD 1215

Model Parliament

AD 1295


AD 1302

New World
Spanish Inquisition

AD 1492

Greek New Testament

AD 1516

Ninety-five Theses

AD 1517

Diet of Worms

AD 1521

Augsburg Confession

AD 1530

Peace of Augsburg

AD 1555

Defeat of Spanish Armada

AD 1588

Thirty Years' War

AD 1618 - 1648

Copernicus and the heliocentric theory

AD 1543

French Academy of Science

AD 1666


AD 1687

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