27 terms

law enforcement orginizations

Municipal, county and state police organization structure has traditionally resembled.
B. The military
America is becoming a bifurcated society, meaning there is?
A. less wealth, less poverty and a growing middle class.
The driving force of a police department should be?
B. mission statement
The informal organization has a number of characteristics. One particular aspect of the informal organization is -----------. That is gossip or rumors that can undermine morale.
C. Scuttlebutt
_______ ensures that each individual unit performs harmoniously with the total effort to achieve the departments mission.
A. Coordination
Within presently structured police organizations, authority and communication flow primarily?
A. upward
Goals are?
D. all of these
It is true that
C. work plans are precise activities to accomplish objectives
Objectives should be
D. all of these
The two main police department divisions are?
B. Field and administrative services
Field services consist mainly of?
A. uniformed patrol officers
chain of command means?
C. there are definitive lines of authority.
span of control refers to?
B. the number of persons one manager has authority over
Which of the following go together?
D. all of these
Unity of command is necessary because?
A. line personnel must know what staff jobs personnel perform
informal organization....
A. exists side by side with the formal organization
The traditional law enforcement organization design is usually..
C. pyramidal
In the future it is likely that.
D. all of these
Detailed steps needed to accomplish objectives are called?
B. Work plans
The official paths which orders flow from management to workers are called?
C. channels of communication
Goals, objectives and work plans are?
D. interdependent
_____ occurs when the organizational structure is divided into units with designated tasks.
C. Specialization
Which of the following services are centrally located and often include recruitment and training?
A. administrative
What blue ribbon commission was established after the assassination of martin luther king Jr.
B. National Commission on causes and prevention of violence
What organization was considered to be the forerunnerof our present-day state police?
B. the Texas Rangers
What did Harr and Hess report in 2005 as having become a major player in the safeguarding American and their property.
A. Handguns
The current models of policing as described by sharp include all the following EXCEPT
C. the hybrid model.