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animus, -i, m.

soul, spirit, mind; pl., courage

ardor, -oris, m.

burning, heat, eagerness

Baccha, -ae, f. also Bacchantes for Bacchae

a Bacchante

causa, -ae, f.

cause, sake, reason

cervus, -i, m.


contemptor, -oris, m.

a despiser

Erinys, -yos, f.

one of the Furies

hasta, -ae, f.

spear, javelin

Hebrus, -i, m.


fides, -ei, f.

trust, belief, faith, pledge

frons, frondis, f.

a leaf, foilage

Maenas, -adis, f.

a Bacchante, a maddened woman, a Maenad

pectus, -oris, n.

breat, heart

praeda, -ae, f.

booty, prey

tibia, -ae, f.

shin bone, pipe, flute

tympanum, -i, n.

tamborine, drum

umbra, -ae, f.

shade, shadow

vates, -is, c.

bard, poet, seer, singer

vellus, -eris, n.

fleece, wool

ventus, -i, m.



they say, people say

diripio, -ere, -ripui, -reptum

snatch apart, tear away

doleo, -ere, -ui

suffer pain, grieve

evenio, -ire, -veni, -ventum

turn out, come about

finio, -ire, -ivi, -itum

end, conclude, finish

lacero (1)

tear to pieces, maim

mordeo, -ere, momordi, morsum


nato (1)


ploro (1)

weep, wail for

recognosco, -ere, -cognovi, -nitum

recognise, recall

repello, -ere, reppuli, -pulsum

drive back, drive away, push, spurn

rubesco, -ere, rubui

grow red, become red

tego, -ere, texi, tectum

cover, conceal, hide

se vetere

to turn oneself

soleo, -ere, solitus sum

to be accustomed

amoenus, -a, -um


diversus, -a, -um

scattered, spread out, turned in different directions

innocens, -entis

innocent, harmless

insanus, -a, -um

maddened, insane

peregrinus, -a, -um


supplex, -icis


aliquis, aliquid

some, any; some, any one; some, anything

ambo, -ae, -o

both, two, together

circum + acc.

around, about

en, interjection

lo, behold, see





seu...seu, conj.



thrice, three times



velut (veluti)

just as, just like, even as

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