11 terms

Chapter 5

Acropolis; trade and education; beginning of democracy; Draconian rule- harsh
Solon the Archon
Archon means ruler; outlawed slavery for debt; direct democracy
reconstructed society; ten groups based on where they lived; allowed citizens to submit laws for debate; council of 500; emphasized education; democracy
military; on the Peloponnesus
slave owned by the state
Persian wars
Greeks vs. Persians Battle were- Marathon; Thermopylae where Spartans defeated by the persians by betrayal; and Salamis was the great naval battle where Xerxes was defeated
Result of Persian
Athens leads Delian league and emeregs as dominant in Greece; Athens golden age
Peloponnesian War
a war in which Athens and its allies were defeated by the league centered on Sparta; End of Athens golden age
Division of Persian Empire
Ptomely took egypt; Antigonus took Macedonia and Greece; Selucid tok most of the old Persian Empire
Hellenistic culture
Persian, Egpytian and indian influnce
Foremost center of Commerce and Hellenistic Civilization