history exam review 1

The purpose of the crusades was to
Free christianitys holy place from the muslims
The renaissance was
A renewed interest in the cultures of ancient greece and rome
What was the system used by spanish colonial leaders that kept indians working in the mines and fields in almost slave like conditions?
The most profitable economic product of new france was
Fur trading
Which of the following helped make virginia a successful colony in the 17th century: 1 the headright system which increased land ownership 2 allowing the export of tobacco to england 3 limiting the land ownership to members of the church of england 4 providing a representative assembly
1, 2, 4
The system providing 50 acres of land to each person who settled in the colonies
Headright system
King phillips was was considered a turning point in new england because
4 native americans were driven off their lands permanently 5 native american land now belonged soley to the colonists of new england
I left mbc with my cattle and a group of people who wanted to see sufrage extended to more men. We established a colony in connecticut
Thomas hooker
Which of the following sources would be most useful in studying the development of democratic institutuions in the early colonial period
Mayflower compact
The issue of religion figured prominently in the founding of colonies by all the following except
James oglethorpe?? Anne hutchinson??
William penns holy experiment included all of the following except
The bible / christianity as the religious authority for all
Which statement best describes the was europeans treated native americans in the 1500s and 1600s
Native americans were regarded as inferior people subject to christian domination
Which of the following documents would be most useful in examining the origins of constitutional government in colonial america
The fundamental orders of connecticut
The aRoger williams differed from other puritan ministers in his emphasis on
The separation of church and state
the protestant reformation was the result of a published attack on the catholic church by
Martin luther
Which puritan preacher preached the sermon sinners in the hands of and angry god?
Jonathan edwards
What was the name of the wealthy planter who led backcountry farmers in a rebellion against the virginia house of burgesses
Nathaniel bacon
What was the open revolt in which 30 - 40 slaves gathered to escape to spanish florida
Stono rebellion
The first skirmish of the french and indian war occurred because
Both french and british wanted territory in the ohio river valley
The albany plan of union proposed that
the colonies join together to form a federal government
In response to the sugar act, some colonists argued that the british had no right to tax americans
Without vote of the people
The continental army was first formed from
the minutemen?? The militia rasied by gerorge washington from all over new england??
King george the third declared the colonies open and avowed enemies after
He read the olive branch petition
Washingtons decision to attack trenton was a suprise because
It was christmas
in the treaty that ended the french and indian war, the british gained control of which of the following
The colonists protested the stamp act by
Refusing to buy goods from britain
After the boston massacre, the british brought peace to the colonies temporarily by repealing the
Townshend acts
the laws known as the intolerable acts were the coercive acts and the
Quebec act
The american victory at saratoga was turning point in the war because
It convinced france to send troops, arms, and supplies to the americans
The turining point of the revolutionary war in the south was the battle of
Kings mountain
Triangular trade was the three way trade route that exchanged goods between the american colonies and two other trading partners. One was
The difficult journey slaves endured in crossing the atlantic ocean to the americas was called the
Middle passage
The religious movement in the 1700s that stressed dependence on god called the
Great awakening
The enlightenment was a movement during the 1700s that promoted science, knowledge, and
A colony owned by an individual was called a
Proprietary colony
The first permanent spanish settlement in north america
St augustine
I was banished from mbc for preaching and teaching, I was called a heretic
Anne hutchinson
The northwest passage was the mythical northern water route through north a,erica to the
Pacific ocean
Yeomen farmers often farmed small plots of land that produced only enough to feed their families. This is called
Substinence farming
What city was the first and second continental congress meeting
What was the one ethnic group of people sepcifically mentioned in the declaration of independence
Native americans
The constitution says that the congress must meet
At least once each year
Which 2 amendments to the constitution extended democracy
15 and 19
Prohibition and the repeal of prohibition are outlined in which 2 amendments
18 and 21
Suffrage for women is best defined in which amendment
The us had a failed attempt at a constituiton before the present us constitution was ratified
Articles of confederation
The president of the us is elected by
The electoral college
Which amendment abolished slavery
which branch of government is outlined first in the us constitution
Which of the following makes up congress
Senate and house of representatives
Which man is called the father of the constitution
James madison
How many justices including the chief justice are on the supreme court
How long does a justice of the supreme court remain a member of the court
For life
How long is the term president and vice president
4 years
how many amendments make up the bill of rights
First 10
The main job of the judicial branch is to
Interpret the law
Quartering troops is restricted in the constitution. Quartering troops meaans
Placing soldiers in homes to be housed and fed
Which amendment guarantees the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition
A court order allowing an individual or his/her property to be searched or seized is called
whic amendment deals with search and seizure
How long is the term of office for a representative
2 years
how long is the term of office for a sentator
6 years
How is the membership of the house of representatives determined
By the aportioned population of the states
Which of the following is one of the three branches of government
What is the main idea of the preamble
To state the purpose of the constitution
Article 2 deals with
The executive branch
How do americans make changes to the constitution
propose an ammendment according to article 5 of the constitution
The constitution has _ articles
How many amendments are included in the constitution
Look at quotes in first practice test
Enlightenment thinker who supported a three branch government and separation of powers
European country that helped the colonists by providing a navy supplies, and ,oney after the battle of saratoga
I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country
Nathan hale
Revolutionary war battle that ended the war
Revolutionary war battle that was the turning point
Washingtons troops spent a long cold hungry winter here
Valley forge
African american killed in the boston massacre
Crispus attucks
Author of the declaration of independence
Thomas jefferson
Leader of the continental troops during the revolutionary war
George washington
This document was a last attempt at peace between the colonies and king george 3
Olive branch pettition
Author of common sense
Thomas paine
Enlightenment thinker who prompted natural rigts of all men
John locke
Enlightenment thinker who believed that government belonged to the people and that the people had the right to abolish governments if they did not protect the rights of the people
The first european war fought on american soil
French and indian war
Secret society that met to organize boycotts and protests against the british
sons of liberty
Two friends and I rode all night to warn the colonists that the red coats were coming
Paul revere
King georges tax on paper
Stamp act
Documents that stated the reasons for separating or breaking ties with great britain
declaration of independence
Hero from the south who was known as the swamp fox
francis marion
The first and second continental congress met in this city
Visible saints
Separation of church and state
Rhode island
Majority rule
Fundamental orders of connecticut
William bradford
John winthrop
City upon a hill
James oglethorpe
Roger williams
rhode island
Act of toleration
Thomas hooker
The starving time
Haven for catholics
Buffer colony
Mayflower compact
William penn
Virginia house of burgesses
George calvert
First permanent english settlement
Holy experiment
Tobacco save the colony
the roots of intolerance that influenced the 1920s can best be seen in the following except
The conviction and execution of ethel and julius rosenberg for the passing on atomic secrets to the soviets
In the 1920s the reborn ku klux klan
Turned its wrath on catholics, jews, immigrants,and blacks
Which of the following was not part of the coalition that compromised the populists in the late 19th century
Grain elevator operators
In the mid 19th century, strong opposition arose in the us to immigrants who came from
ireland and germany
Which of the following is consistent with president lincolns attitudes about slavery
He sought to contain the spread of slavery, not to abolish it
The emancipation proclamation
Ended slavery only in the border states
The taft hartley act
Was passed by a republican congress over president trumans veto
which of the following is not associated with radical republican reconstruction
Jim crow laws
This labor union was formed right after the end of the civil war and was the first major union to organize workers regardless of their race, gender, or skill level
National labor union
All of the following acts were passed in order to promote britains mercantilist policy except
The virginia resolutions
the populists party platform inclued all of the follwowing except
A gold silver based currency
Which of the following is associated with the post ww2 civil rights movement
Brown v board of education of topeka kansas
Which of the following is associated with the transcendentalist movement
Henry david thoreau
This supreme court case upheld a state law limiting maximum working hours for women
Muller v oregon
The impressment of american sailors was an important cause of
The war of 1812
All of the following groups of contemporaries except
Thomas jefferson, henry clay, william mckinley
the gag resolution was adopted by the us senate in order to
Prevent senators from discussinf abolitionist proposals
The first southern state to be readmitted into the union during reconstruction was te
As a result of the spanish american war, which of the following was ceded to the us
The philippines
Booker t washington
believed that blacks should forgo political equality until they achieved economic success
The federal reserve act
Was the first major reform of the nations banking system since the civil war
which of the following statements best articulates president andrew jacksons policy towards native americans
Jackson favored a policy whereby native americans would be forced to migrate west
Which of the following best articulates the meaning of the monroe doctrine
It warned the european powers not to attempt recolonization in the western hemisphere
Marcus garveys universal negro improvement association
Found considerable support among blacks in the northern urban areas
In order to ensure that his reform programs would not be ruled unconstitutional by the conservative majority on the supreme court, this president attempted to increase the number of supreme court justices from nine to 15
Franklin d roosevelt
In the 19th century the federal government helped to settle the great plains with the passage of this act
The homestead act
In 1911 a horrific fire that killed over 140 workers, many young women, and led to reforms that adressed lax building codes ocurred at the factory of which company?
Truangle shirtwaist company
Which of the following statements best describes the us governments policy in the spanish civil war
The us maintained a policy of neutrality
This president sent a naval force to fight against the barbary pirates
thomas jefferson
Article 3: the government of cuba consents that the us may exercise the right to intervene for the perservation of cuban independence.. this is an excerpt from
The platt amendment
Which of the following did president andrew jackson veto because he maintained it was unconstitutional
The maysville road bill
the albany congress of 1754 was an assembly of 7 colonies that sought to improve relations with which native american tribe
Which of the following best characterizes the south in the antebellum period
The south was opposed to high protective tariff
Put the following in correct order
1 mexican cessiom
2 louisiana purchase
3 adams onis treaty
4 gadsden purchase
2, 3, 1, 4
The elkins act of 1903
Strengthened the interstate commerce act of 1887
Critics refered to this as sewards folly
The purchase of alaska from the russians in 1867
In which of the following nations did the us not intervene in the early 20th century
The essex decision, the leopard-chesapeake incident, and the berlin decree are all associated with events that led to
the war of 1812
In the election of 1884 the republican party was divided into conservative and reform minded factions known as
mugwumps and half breeds
Muckrackers was a derisive term used by theodore roosevelt to describe
Journalists whom he claimed were sensationalizing their stories of corrupt business practices
In his farewell address washington recommended that
The us should maintain a policy of neutrality with other nations
Which of the following played a major role in the first great awakening
George whitefield
This event took place in 1794 when pennsylvania farmers refused to pay an excise tax
the whiskey rebellion
The first us secretary of war (now defense) was
Henry knox
One of the most famous perspectives in the study of the us history is frederick jackson turners frontier thesis in which he claims that
The westerm frontier stimulated the growth of democracy
Which of the following was not a border state in the antebellum period and the civil war era
From settin in the baltic trieste in the adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the continent. What did british prime minister winston churchill mean when he uttered these words in a speech in 1946
Europe was divided between two hostile camps, the communists and non communist nations
This early 20th century leader for educational reform espoused a learn by doing approach to education. He was also greatly influenced by a theory of educational knowledge known as pragmatism
John dewey
Upton sinclairs the jungle convinced congress to
Pass the pure food and drug act
A major riot occurred in new york city in july 1863. One of the causes of the riot was
Strong opposition to the military draft
An example of government corruptiom in the post reconstruction era is
The credit mobilier scandal
the constitutional conventions great compromise of 1787 addressed
How the states would be represented in congress
The republican party in the antebellum period compromised all of the following except
Southern planter slave holders
Charles fremont
Was the republican partys first presidential candidate
which of the following is the name for president harry trumans reform program
The fair deal
Which of the following made a significant contribution to assembly line mass production
Henry ford
At the end of the american revolution (1783) the us border extended to
The mississippi river
Native americans received their citizenship rights as a result of
An act of congress in 1924
Which of the following improved us relations with the phillippines
The tydings mcduffie act
Which of the following groups of political leaders was opposed to us entry into ww1
Jeaanette rankin, robert la follette, george norris
Which of the following is not associated with a slave rebellion
Ludlow massacre
Web dubois was instrumental in helping establish the
National association for the advancement of colored people
The three fifths compromise originally contained in the constitution referred to the
Rate at which one slave counted toward congressional representation
Which of the following best explains why massachusetts bay officials banished anne hutchinson
She challenged gender roles and puritan orthodoxy
"Competition is a law of nature... and can no more be done away with than gravitation.. if we do not like survival of the fittest we have only one possible alternative, survival of the unfittest. The former is the law of civilization, the latter is the law of anit-civilization."
Social darwinism
Parliament enacted the stamp act (1756) primarily to
Raise revenue to pay for british troops in the colonies
Perfectionism in the mid 19th century is best defined as
Faith in human capacity to achieve a better life on earth through conscious acts of will
The congress of industrial organizations was most interested in unionizing which of the following
Unskilled and semiskilled factory workers
Look at pictures in 3rd packet
The open door policy in china called for which of the following
Equal commercial access by all nations to the existing spheres of influence in china
Shays rebellion frightened many americans when
Debt ridden farmers attacked courts in western massachusetts
Jamestown, the first permanent english settlement in the new world, was founded by
A joint stock company anxious to return a profit to investors
around 1920, the number of children aged 10 to 15 in the industrial workforce began to decline for which of the following reasons
States began to require children to attend schools until a certain age and to limit the ages at which they could be empoyeed
The purpose of the lend lease act was to
Provide military supplies to the allies
Thej kentucky and virginia resolutions, the hartford convention, the south carolina exposition and protest were similar in that all involved a defense of
Sttes rights
One reason early 20th century muckrackers were able to have significant impact on society was because
Sales and circulation of newspapers and magazines increased
Which of the following best describes the position on slavery of most northerners during the sectional crises of the 1850s
They were willing to accept slavery where it existed but opposed further expansion to the territories
All of the following contributed to the decline of open range cattle ranching at the end of the 19th century except
Federal recognition of american indian land claims
In the new cod of laws which I suppose it will be neccessary for you to make I desire you would remember the ladies. This quote was made by
Abigail adams
Jacob riis is best known for his work in the 1890s as a
journalist and photographer who publicized the wretched conditions in which many immigrants lived
Between 1870 and 1900, farmers did all of the following in an attempt to better their condition except
Limit production of crops
Under the articles of confederation the us central government had no power to
Levy taxes
Which of the following is a true statement about the treaty of paris that ended the american revolutionary war
It recognized us sovereignty over territory east of the mississippi, between the great lakes and florida
Theodore roosevelt was the first president to
Arbitrate a labor dispute
The least prosperous group of the 1920s consisted of
Farmers in the midwest and south
Marcus garveys prominence during the 1920s arose from his
Emphasis on the importance of black pride and black nationalism
Members of the hudson river school were best known for their paintings of
The purpose of the agricultural adjustment act of 1933 was to
Raise farm prices by limiting agricultural production
The first attempt to apply the doctrine of popular sovereignty in determining the status of slavery occurred in
Immigrants to the us in the last quarter of the 19th century came primarily from
European farms and villages
When war broke out in europe in 1914, president woodrow wilson established a policy that called for
Acknowledgment of american neutral rights on the high seas
The constitutional convention designed the electoral college to
Insulate the presidency from the popular will
What was the main reason for the major decrease in the number of europeans immigrating to the us in the 1920s
The us passed the national origins act
Under the chief justice john marshall, supreme court decision tended to
ePromote business enterprise
The womens movement in the antebellum period was characterized by all of the following except
Demands for equal compensation for equal work
The supreme courts decision in the dred scott case in 1857 effectively repealed the
missouri compromise
Which of the following is an example of the progressive era legislation
The pure food and drug act
The decisions of the supreme court in the late 19th century and early 20th generally did which of the followinf
Strenghtened the position of big business
We believe that the time has come when the railroad corporations with either own the people or the people must own the railroads... we demand a national currency, sade, sound, and flexible... we demand a graduated income tax.. we demand a free ballot
Peoples party (populists)
Which of the following conditions in england motivate puritans to migrate to new england in the 1630s
Political repression of dissident protestants, an economic recession, r4strictions on puritan religious practices
policy initiatives during franklin d roosevelts first 2 presidential terms included all of the following except
Nationalizing basic industries
Which of the following achievements of the carpetbags government survived the redeemer administrations
Establisment of a public school system
Which of the following is true of the slave system in 18th century british north america
Slaveowners gained incr4eased legal power over their slaves
The 1896 supreme court decision plessy v ferguson did which of the following
Upheld segregated railroad facilities
Which of the following aroused the greatest controversy in the us at the end of the spanish american war
Acquisition of the philippine islands
The american colonization society was established in the early 19th century with the goal of
transporting african americans to africa
Which of the following best accounts for the success of the american federation of labor in organizing labor in the late 1800s
Its policy of organizing only skilled craftsmen
Which of the following groups was least likely to respond with enthusiasm to the religious fervor of the great awakening in the 1730 and 1740s
Established merchant cities like boston and philadelphia
The northwest ordinances did which of the following
Established the terms for settlement and admission of new states
Which of the following is true of the 1935 social security act
it legislated a tax that transfers money from workers to pensioners
Daniel websters address to the senate in 1830 in reply to senator hayne is best remembered for its
defense of the principle of national union
The dawes act 1887 did which of the following
Divided native american tribal lands into individual holdings
In the colonial period, quakers were known for all of the following except their
Refusal to pay taxes
I have come to this country to introduce an entire new state of society, to change it from an ignorant selfish system to an enlightened social system which shall gradually unite all interests into one and remove all causes for contest between individauls- this was made by which 19th century utopian reformer
Robert owen
During the guilded age, which of the following groups generally voted republican
Blake northerners
Which of the following was least involved in the struggle for womens rights
Dorthea dix
The battle of antietam, sept 17 1862, is considered pivotal to the outcome of the civil war because it
Forestalled the possibility of european intervention
Which of the following was a characteristic of colonial pennsylvania
There was no established church
the stono rebellion and the new york conspiracy trials of 1741 revealed which of the following
Resistance to slavery
Although congress accepted most of alexander ha,iltons economic proposals, it rejected his
Call for direct subsidies to manufacturers
In adopting the 14th amendment, congress was primarily concerned with
Protecting legislation guaranteeing civil rights to former slaves
In the 1930s the great depression resulted in
An increase in the number of transient people searching for work
the wave of religious revivals that spread across the american colonies during the 1730s and 1740s, edwards and whitefield
The first great awakening
The. Belief that government should be based on the consent of the people,
Republican government, republicanism
The division of power among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government
Separation of powers
the economic policy stating that economic activities should be largely free of governemtn interference, regulations, and restraint
Laissez faire economics
The us foreign policy calling for americans to avoid entangling political alliances
Us cold war foreign policy designed to contain or block the spread of soviet influence and or communism
The name given to the practice of seeking out communist sympathizers and supporters in the us state department and hollywood.. many were accused without sufficient evidence
A system in which each branch of government can check the power of the other branches
Checks and balances
The supreme court can strike down an act of congress by declaring it unconstituitonal.. marbury vs madison
Judicial review
term referring to the development of a national transportation system
Internal improvements, american system
The idea that women should be responsible for raising their children to be virtuous citizens of the new american republic
Cult of domesticity, republican motherhood
A philosophical and literary movement of the 1800s that emphasized living a simple life and celebrating the truth found in nature and in personal emotion and imagination
The belief that humans caan use conscious acts of will to create communities based upon cooperation and mutual respect: brook farm, new harmony, oneida
A wave of religious enthusiasm that spread across america between 1800 and 1820.. middle class women played an especially important role.. finney
The second great awakening
The set of political beliefs associated with andrew jackson and his followers.. respect for the common man, expansion of white male suffrage, the spoils system, and opposition to priviledged eatsern elites
Jacksonian democracy
A legal theory that a state in the us has the right to invalidate any federal law that the state deems unconstitutional... john c calhoun
The 19th century belief that the us should extenc westward to the pacific ocean.. from sea to shinning sea
Manifest destiny
the principle that the settlers of a given territory have the sole right to decide whether or not slavery will be permitted there
Popular sovereignty
The 18th century philosophy stressing that reason could be used to improve the human condition
The belief that god created the universe but allowed it to operate through the laws of nature
this theory refers to the belief that if one country falls to communism, its neighbors will also be infected and fall to communism
domino theory
A military doctrine associated with secretary fo state dulles that threatened retaliation with nuclear weapons
Massive retaliation
Movement of the 1960s that advocated african americans establishing control of their political and economic life... malcom x, stokely carmichael
Black power
Supdported war in vietnam vs those who did not support war in vietnam
Hawks and doves
Term that refers to the relaxation of tensions between the us and the soviet union... introduced by secretary of state henry kissinger and president nixon.. strategic arms limitation talks
The economic policies of president ronald reagan that promoted growth and investment by deregulating business, reducing corporate tax rates, and lowering federal tax rates for upper and missle income americans... supply side economics
Post civil war laws and customs designed to discriminate against african americans
Jim crow laws
A 19th century reform movement based on the belief that christians have a respinsibility to actively confront social problems such as poverty
Social gospel
The belief that the rich were the guardians of societys wealth and as such had a duty to serve society in humane ways...carnegie
Gospel of wealth
The belief that there is a natural evolutionary process by which the fittest in business and industry will survive
Social darwinism
Turners arguments that the settlement of the west, the importance of cheap, unsettled land, and the absence of a landed aristocracy made america more democratic
Frontier thesis
The term used to describe the massive wave of eastern europeans who arrived in america between 1880 and 1924
New immigrants
The idea that new immigrants did not deserve the same rights and privileges as old immigrants resulting in the formation of the know nothing party
Journalists who exposed illegal bussiness practices, social injustices, and corrupt urban political bosses
A system of scientific management developed by frederick w taylor that sought to create a disciplined work force by eliminating wasted motion
Bussiness practice in which a company controls both the production and distribution of a product... carnegie... us steel
Vertical integration
bussiness practice in which a company gains control over other companies that produce the same product..monopolies
Horizontal integration
Slums of shantytowns inhabited by the unemployed and homeless during the great depression
The exchange of plants and animals between the new world and the old world following the discovery of america in 1492
Columbian exchange
The economic policy of great britain during the colonial period which emphasized the accumulation of large amounts of gold and silver and a favorable balance of trade with its colonies
the puritan attempt to ease requirements for church member ship by allowing the daptism of the children of baptized but unconverted puritans
Half way covenant
Enlightenment thinker who supported a three branch government
I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country
Nathan hale
Dclaration of independencetho
Thomas Jefferson
Us constitution
James madison
Conquered aztecs
Common sense
Thomas paine
Natural rights of all men
John locke
William gorgas
Helped t roosevelt build panama canal
War 1812
william lloyd garrison
ThE liberator
Dorthea dix
Prison/mental hospital reform
The last of the mohicans
James fenimore copper
Leatherstocking tales
The last of the mohicans
A strongly worded call for independence, defense of republican principles
Common sense
The federalist papers
Hamilton madison and jay
Supported ratification of the constitution, challenged the political wisdom of the 18th, a large republic offered the best protection of minority rights
The federalist papers
Democracy in america
Alexis de tocqueville
the liberator
Immediate and uncompenated emancipation of slaves
american individualism arose as a result of the absence of an aristocracy
Democracy in america
The hudson river school
thomas cole
Painted landscapes emphasizing americas natural beauty
The hudson river school
Mcguffer readers
Williams holmes mcguffey
Electic reader, four fifths of all studnts used them, stories supporting patriotism and moral values
The mcguffey readers
Civil disobedience: on the duty of civil disbedience
Henry david thoreau
Individuals have a moral responsibility to oppose unjust laws and injust actions bu governments, influenced dr king
Civil disobedience
Scarlet letter
Nathaniel hawthorne
Leaves of grass
Walt whitman
Revolt against reason and embrace nature
leaves of grass
UNcle toms cabin
Harriet beecher stowe
henry david thoreau (transcendentalism)
Horatio alger stories
Rags to riches, low boys become rich through hard work, honesty, and a litlle luck
A century of dishonor
Helen hunt jackson
Federal gov long record of betraying and cheating native americans
A century of dishonore
The influence of sea power upon historey
Captain alfred mahan
control of the sea was the key to world dominance
The influence of sea power ipon history
How the other half lives
Jacob riis
Despair experienced through immigrantsh
How the Other half lives
The significance of the frontier in american history
Frederick jackson turner
American individualism and democracy was shaped by the frontier, frontier thesis
The significance of the frontier in american history
the wonderful wizard of oz
L frank baum
Free silver and the plight of american farmers
The wonderful wizard of oz
the ashcan school of art
John sloan
Depicted urban scenes
Ashcan school of art
The Jungle
Upton sinclair
Conditions of chicago meatpacking industry, muckracking, passed pure food and drug act, and meat inspection act of 1906
The jungle
William james
Beliefs should be tested by experience, do not believe in absolute truth
Lost generation of the 1920s
Sinclair lewis, f scott fitzgerald
Disillusional with american society during the 1920s, criticized middle class conformity and materialism
Lost generation
Harlem renaissance
Langston nughes, zora neale hurston, claude mckay, josephine baker, and james weldon johnson
joseph king oliver, wc handy, jelly roll morton
Symbolized a desire to break with tradition
Grapes of wrath
John steinbeck
Plight of the okies to find work in california.... dust bowl
Grapes of wrath
Organization man
Wh whyte
Critisizes the homogeneous culture of the 1950s, american conformity, and the belief that economic growth will solve all problems
Organization man
On the road
Jack kerouac
Expressed the alienation of the beat gerneration, rejected middle class conformity and materialism
On the road
Rock and roll
Little richard, chuck berry, elvis presley
Influenced by black musical traditions , rhythm and blues
Rock and roll
Silent spring
Rachel carson
Enviromental movement,protested contamination of air, land and water
Silent spring
Other america
Michael harrington
Pverty in america, jfks interest in the poor and lbjs war on poverty
Other america
Letters from birmingham jail
Dr martin luther king jr
A moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws, civil disobedience
Letter from birmingham jail
Knights of labor
Terrence v powderly
Unskilled and semiskilled workers, including women, immigrants, and blacks
Eliminate conflicts, laborers owned the industries
Haymarket square riot
Unfailrly blammed on the knights
Industrial workers of the world (iww)
Mother jones, elizabeth flynn, big bill haywood, and eugene debs
United all laborers
An injury to one is an injury to all
One big union
Endorsed violent tactics
Samuel gompers
Cigar makers union
Skilled workers
Higher wages, shorter hours, and better working conditions
Great railroad strike
1st strike
Paralyzed nations commerce for 45 days
Great railroad strike
Mobililize 60000 militia to reopen rail traffic
great railroad strike
Sherman antitrust act
Curb labor unions
Homestead strike
Iron steel workers and carnegie steel company
Strikers and security guards hired by the company (pay cuts) best known strike
Homestead strike
Pullman strike
Best known strike
Halted a substatial portion of american railroad commerce
Pullman strike
Ended when cleveland ordered federal troops to chicago to protect rail carried mail but to crush the strike
Pullman strike
Anthracite coal strike
Theodore roosevelt was involved, first time the federal governemnt intervened in a labor dispute as a neutral arbitrator
National labor relations act
Wagner act
Magna carta of labor
Wagner act
Led to increase in labor union membership
Wagner act
Congress of industrial workers
John l lewis
Unskilled and semiskilled workers in a basic ,anufacturing industry
Taft hartley act
Curb power of labor unions
Unions were abusing their powerr
Taft hartley act
Organized labor opposed it
Taft hartley act
Some labor unions were infiltrated by communists, employees coerced into hiring union workers, strikes would endanger the nations vital defense industries
Taft hartley act
United farm workers
Cesar chavez, dolores huerta, phillip vera cruz, larry itliong
Union of farm workers
united farm workers
This act repealed the missouri compromise of 1820, thus heightening the sectional crisis that wouod lead to the civil war
Kansas nebraska act
Provided for the quartering of troops in the colonists barns and empty houses
Coercive act
created a central federal reserve board appointed by the president
Federal reserve act
Primary purpose of this act was to restrict the flow of newcomers frrom southern and eastern europe
National origins act
ACt permitted the expansion of slavery beyond southern state
Kansas nebraska act
Acts were widely known as intolerable acts
Coercive acts
Act played a key rolein promoting suburban growth
Federal highway act
Divided native american tribal land into individual holding/tractsd
Dawes act
Reflected the forced civilization views of reformers, dissolved many tribes as legal entities, wiped out tribal ownership of land, and set up individual indian family heads qith 160 axres of land
Dawes act
Played a role in encouraging the settlement of the western frontier
Homestead act
Forbade unreasonable combinations or contracts in restraint of trade
Sherman antitrust act
Established a national system of 12 district banks
Federal reserve act
Abolished the national origins quota syatem
United states immigration and nationality act
Supporters believed that unions were abusing their powers and that widespread strikes qould endanger national defense industries
Taft hartley act
Created a federal pension system
Social security act
sought to combat great depression by fostering government business cooperation
National industrial recovery act
Led to rapid rise in labor union membershipwa
Wagner act
Sparked the formation of the republican party
Kansas nebraska act
Established the economic policy of mercantilism
Navigation act
Was repealed bc colonial boycotts of english goods were hurting british merchants
Stamp act
Designed to subordinate the colonial economy to that of the mother country
Navigation act
Formed because of the jungle
Pure food and drug act
Response to the boston tea party
Coercive acts
PUrpose was to assimilate american indians into the mainstream of emerican cultuere
Dawes act
Aging of america since the 1970s is widely seen as a threat to the long term solvency
Social security act
Created the interstate highway system
Federal highway act
Expressions of a commitment to isolationism
Neutrality acts
Help great britain and the soviet union resist nazi germany
Lend lease act
FIrstlaw passed by parliament to raise revenue for the british crown
Sugar act
ChInese exclusion act
Prohibited the immigration of chinese to america
Restrict the flow on newcomers from southern and eastern europe
National origins act
Neutrality act