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The purpose of the crusades was to

Free christianitys holy place from the muslims

The renaissance was

A renewed interest in the cultures of ancient greece and rome

What was the system used by spanish colonial leaders that kept indians working in the mines and fields in almost slave like conditions?


The most profitable economic product of new france was

Fur trading

Which of the following helped make virginia a successful colony in the 17th century: 1 the headright system which increased land ownership 2 allowing the export of tobacco to england 3 limiting the land ownership to members of the church of england 4 providing a representative assembly

1, 2, 4

The system providing 50 acres of land to each person who settled in the colonies

Headright system

King phillips was was considered a turning point in new england because

4 native americans were driven off their lands permanently 5 native american land now belonged soley to the colonists of new england

I left mbc with my cattle and a group of people who wanted to see sufrage extended to more men. We established a colony in connecticut

Thomas hooker

Which of the following sources would be most useful in studying the development of democratic institutuions in the early colonial period

Mayflower compact

The issue of religion figured prominently in the founding of colonies by all the following except

James oglethorpe?? Anne hutchinson??

William penns holy experiment included all of the following except

The bible / christianity as the religious authority for all

Which statement best describes the was europeans treated native americans in the 1500s and 1600s

Native americans were regarded as inferior people subject to christian domination

Which of the following documents would be most useful in examining the origins of constitutional government in colonial america

The fundamental orders of connecticut

The aRoger williams differed from other puritan ministers in his emphasis on

The separation of church and state

the protestant reformation was the result of a published attack on the catholic church by

Martin luther

Which puritan preacher preached the sermon sinners in the hands of and angry god?

Jonathan edwards

What was the name of the wealthy planter who led backcountry farmers in a rebellion against the virginia house of burgesses

Nathaniel bacon

What was the open revolt in which 30 - 40 slaves gathered to escape to spanish florida

Stono rebellion

The first skirmish of the french and indian war occurred because

Both french and british wanted territory in the ohio river valley

The albany plan of union proposed that

the colonies join together to form a federal government

In response to the sugar act, some colonists argued that the british had no right to tax americans

Without vote of the people

The continental army was first formed from

the minutemen?? The militia rasied by gerorge washington from all over new england??

King george the third declared the colonies open and avowed enemies after

He read the olive branch petition

Washingtons decision to attack trenton was a suprise because

It was christmas

in the treaty that ended the french and indian war, the british gained control of which of the following


The colonists protested the stamp act by

Refusing to buy goods from britain

After the boston massacre, the british brought peace to the colonies temporarily by repealing the

Townshend acts

the laws known as the intolerable acts were the coercive acts and the

Quebec act

The american victory at saratoga was turning point in the war because

It convinced france to send troops, arms, and supplies to the americans

The turining point of the revolutionary war in the south was the battle of

Kings mountain

Triangular trade was the three way trade route that exchanged goods between the american colonies and two other trading partners. One was


The difficult journey slaves endured in crossing the atlantic ocean to the americas was called the

Middle passage

The religious movement in the 1700s that stressed dependence on god called the

Great awakening

The enlightenment was a movement during the 1700s that promoted science, knowledge, and


A colony owned by an individual was called a

Proprietary colony

The first permanent spanish settlement in north america

St augustine

I was banished from mbc for preaching and teaching, I was called a heretic

Anne hutchinson

The northwest passage was the mythical northern water route through north a,erica to the

Pacific ocean

Yeomen farmers often farmed small plots of land that produced only enough to feed their families. This is called

Substinence farming

What city was the first and second continental congress meeting


What was the one ethnic group of people sepcifically mentioned in the declaration of independence

Native americans

The constitution says that the congress must meet

At least once each year

Which 2 amendments to the constitution extended democracy

15 and 19

Prohibition and the repeal of prohibition are outlined in which 2 amendments

18 and 21

Suffrage for women is best defined in which amendment


The us had a failed attempt at a constituiton before the present us constitution was ratified

Articles of confederation

The president of the us is elected by

The electoral college

Which amendment abolished slavery


which branch of government is outlined first in the us constitution


Which of the following makes up congress

Senate and house of representatives

Which man is called the father of the constitution

James madison

How many justices including the chief justice are on the supreme court


How long does a justice of the supreme court remain a member of the court

For life

How long is the term president and vice president

4 years

how many amendments make up the bill of rights

First 10

The main job of the judicial branch is to

Interpret the law

Quartering troops is restricted in the constitution. Quartering troops meaans

Placing soldiers in homes to be housed and fed

Which amendment guarantees the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition


A court order allowing an individual or his/her property to be searched or seized is called


whic amendment deals with search and seizure


How long is the term of office for a representative

2 years

how long is the term of office for a sentator

6 years

How is the membership of the house of representatives determined

By the aportioned population of the states

Which of the following is one of the three branches of government


What is the main idea of the preamble

To state the purpose of the constitution

Article 2 deals with

The executive branch

How do americans make changes to the constitution

propose an ammendment according to article 5 of the constitution

The constitution has _ articles


How many amendments are included in the constitution


Look at quotes in first practice test


Enlightenment thinker who supported a three branch government and separation of powers


European country that helped the colonists by providing a navy supplies, and ,oney after the battle of saratoga


I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country

Nathan hale

Revolutionary war battle that ended the war


Revolutionary war battle that was the turning point


Washingtons troops spent a long cold hungry winter here

Valley forge

African american killed in the boston massacre

Crispus attucks

Author of the declaration of independence

Thomas jefferson

Leader of the continental troops during the revolutionary war

George washington

This document was a last attempt at peace between the colonies and king george 3

Olive branch pettition

Author of common sense

Thomas paine

Enlightenment thinker who prompted natural rigts of all men

John locke

Enlightenment thinker who believed that government belonged to the people and that the people had the right to abolish governments if they did not protect the rights of the people


The first european war fought on american soil

French and indian war

Secret society that met to organize boycotts and protests against the british

sons of liberty

Two friends and I rode all night to warn the colonists that the red coats were coming

Paul revere

King georges tax on paper

Stamp act

Documents that stated the reasons for separating or breaking ties with great britain

declaration of independence

Hero from the south who was known as the swamp fox

francis marion

The first and second continental congress met in this city


Visible saints


Separation of church and state

Rhode island

Majority rule


Fundamental orders of connecticut




William bradford


John winthrop


City upon a hill


James oglethorpe


Roger williams

rhode island



Act of toleration






Thomas hooker


The starving time


Haven for catholics


Buffer colony


Mayflower compact


William penn


Virginia house of burgesses


George calvert


First permanent english settlement


Holy experiment


Tobacco save the colony


the roots of intolerance that influenced the 1920s can best be seen in the following except

The conviction and execution of ethel and julius rosenberg for the passing on atomic secrets to the soviets

In the 1920s the reborn ku klux klan

Turned its wrath on catholics, jews, immigrants,and blacks

Which of the following was not part of the coalition that compromised the populists in the late 19th century

Grain elevator operators

In the mid 19th century, strong opposition arose in the us to immigrants who came from

ireland and germany

Which of the following is consistent with president lincolns attitudes about slavery

He sought to contain the spread of slavery, not to abolish it

The emancipation proclamation

Ended slavery only in the border states

The taft hartley act

Was passed by a republican congress over president trumans veto

which of the following is not associated with radical republican reconstruction

Jim crow laws

This labor union was formed right after the end of the civil war and was the first major union to organize workers regardless of their race, gender, or skill level

National labor union

All of the following acts were passed in order to promote britains mercantilist policy except

The virginia resolutions

the populists party platform inclued all of the follwowing except

A gold silver based currency

Which of the following is associated with the post ww2 civil rights movement

Brown v board of education of topeka kansas

Which of the following is associated with the transcendentalist movement

Henry david thoreau

This supreme court case upheld a state law limiting maximum working hours for women

Muller v oregon

The impressment of american sailors was an important cause of

The war of 1812

All of the following groups of contemporaries except

Thomas jefferson, henry clay, william mckinley

the gag resolution was adopted by the us senate in order to

Prevent senators from discussinf abolitionist proposals

The first southern state to be readmitted into the union during reconstruction was te


As a result of the spanish american war, which of the following was ceded to the us

The philippines

Booker t washington

believed that blacks should forgo political equality until they achieved economic success

The federal reserve act

Was the first major reform of the nations banking system since the civil war

which of the following statements best articulates president andrew jacksons policy towards native americans

Jackson favored a policy whereby native americans would be forced to migrate west

Which of the following best articulates the meaning of the monroe doctrine

It warned the european powers not to attempt recolonization in the western hemisphere

Marcus garveys universal negro improvement association

Found considerable support among blacks in the northern urban areas

In order to ensure that his reform programs would not be ruled unconstitutional by the conservative majority on the supreme court, this president attempted to increase the number of supreme court justices from nine to 15

Franklin d roosevelt

In the 19th century the federal government helped to settle the great plains with the passage of this act

The homestead act

In 1911 a horrific fire that killed over 140 workers, many young women, and led to reforms that adressed lax building codes ocurred at the factory of which company?

Truangle shirtwaist company

Which of the following statements best describes the us governments policy in the spanish civil war

The us maintained a policy of neutrality

This president sent a naval force to fight against the barbary pirates

thomas jefferson

Article 3: the government of cuba consents that the us may exercise the right to intervene for the perservation of cuban independence.. this is an excerpt from

The platt amendment

Which of the following did president andrew jackson veto because he maintained it was unconstitutional

The maysville road bill

the albany congress of 1754 was an assembly of 7 colonies that sought to improve relations with which native american tribe


Which of the following best characterizes the south in the antebellum period

The south was opposed to high protective tariff

Put the following in correct order
1 mexican cessiom
2 louisiana purchase
3 adams onis treaty
4 gadsden purchase

2, 3, 1, 4

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