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ethnicity in the southern cone


ethnicity in the amazon


ethnicity in the andes

europeans, africans

ethnicity in brazil


ethnicity in the caribbean


ethnicity in mexico/central america


rio de la plata flows through...


orinoco river flows through...

peru, argentina

two main andes countries


date of the mexican revolution


date of the independence of spanish latin america


date of european arrival in latin america


one of the official indigenous languages of peru


one of the official indigenous languages of bolivia


one of the official indigenous languages of paraguay


a period of economic and cultural imperialism on latin america by US and Europe without direct intervention


a profitable product from the amazon


a profitable product from argentina


a profitable product from brazil and some central america/caribbean


the idea that authoritarian rule is the answer to achieve order and progress (as long as its for the good of the country)

united fruit company

central american (and columbian, venezuelan) company that basically controlled land and government

united fruit company

set up "banana republics"

spanish american war

war between US and spain over US intervention in cuban war of independence. US wins cuba and other countries

yellow journalism

biased/exaggerated writing which is often illegitimate

platt amendment

part of the cuban constitution which allows US to intervene in cuban affairs if we withdrew our troops (after spanish american war). guantanamo bay


president who tried to separate columbia from panama in order to build the canal


white superiority (cultural, racial)

white mans burden

often used as an excuse for US intervention, the idea that we (white people) are superior and need to help inferior races

manifest destiny

the US idea that we should reach our full potential by expanding west

monroe doctrine

statement by the US saying only we have the right to involve ourselves with latin american affairs (no european)

roosevelt corollary

addition to the monroe doctrine saying that US are the "police" of latin america and we will enforce european requests rather than them directly

porfirio diaz

mexican dictator during the neocolonialism period. welcomed US investment which led to prosperity for mexico

machado de assis

one of the great brazilian novelists despite being half black during the late 1800s


a great nicaraguan poet despite being meztizo during the late 1800s

late 1800s

general date for the great export boom

great export boom

time during the neocolonial era where exports grew, large landowners/middle class prospered, and mass migration to urban areas


rule by few


the main profitable export in central america and some caribbean

belize, jamaica

the two english speaking countries in latin america


the new wave of patriotism that swept latin america after the neocolonial era

economic nationalism

a type of nationalism that stands up to foreign economic imperialism

ethnic nationalism

a type of nationalism that focusses on indigenous foods, traditions, etc.

nationalism period

it was during this period that the old ideas of inferior races began to die in latin america

import substitution industrialization

the process of latin americans operating in markets left vacant by US and european factories because of the great depression. brazil, argentina and mexico benefitted greatly

good neighbor policy

the decision by the US to avoid aggressive intervention with latin american countries. improved relations


one of the leading figures in the mexican revolution, led forces in the south

pancho villa

one of the leading figures in the mexican revolution, gathered former workers and cowboys in the north to fight

diego rivera

a mexican nationalist painter who painted large murals on ceilings

frida kahlo

a mexican nationalist painter who painted small portraits


cuban nationalist army sergeant who helped overthrow the cuban government and ran cuba as a pro-US "client state"

rafael trujillo

pro-US dictator from the dominican republic who was very tyrannical. "our bastard"

carmen miranda

a brazilian singer/dancer who acted in some US movies


nationalistic president of argentina who passed many social reforms similar to fdr

the slaughter

1932, when an el salvadorian dictator massacred more than 10,000 people because they were indians


a very nationalistic leader of brazil for 70 years. leftist, similar to FDR

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