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Luekocytes ( White Blood Cells) have a life span of how many days

Luekocytes have a lifespan of 10 days.

What size of Luekocytes out of all formed elements?

Luekocytes are the smallest out of all formed elements.

Luekocytes are originally part of a very large cell. What is the cell called?

The cell is called " Megakarocyte" or Megas.

Where are the Megakarocytes formed?

Mega's are formed in the (RED) bone marrow, the thrombocytes come from.

An average adult has, on average, how many luekocytes in their body?

An average adult has 250,000 − 450,000 Leukocytes per cubic meter

What is the significance of a leukocyte, what is its job?

Leukocytes are first on scene and must be present for coagulation (the clotting process).

How are leukocytes discarded?

Leukocytes are discarded through the bone marrow.

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