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  1. primary succesion
  2. monosaccharide
  3. mitochondria
  4. cytoplasm
  5. plankton
  1. a most basic unit of a carbahydrate (singlesugar)
  2. b eukaryotic membrane bound organelles that transfere energy stored in food molecules.
  3. c clear, gelantinous fluid in cells that is site of numerous chemical reactions.
  4. d colonisation of barren lands by communties.
  5. e small organims that drift and float in the waterin the photic zone.

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  1. as a body becomesless resposive to a drag an individual needs larger or more frequent doses to achieve the same effect.
  2. stabel, mature community that undergoes little or no change in species
  3. first species to populate an area during primary succession
  4. organelles that contain digestive ensymes; digest excess or worn out organelles.
  5. membrane bound space in the cytoplasm cells used for temperary storage.

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  1. estuaryshort numerous hair-like projections composed of pairs of microtubles.


  2. polysaccharidelong carbahydrate molecules joined together by glycosidic bonds.


  3. aphotic zoneprotion of the marine biome that is shoolw enough for sunlight to penetrate


  4. chlorophylllight absorbing pigment in plants that is required for photosynthesis.


  5. photic zonedeep water that never receives sunlight.