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WWII Battles


Germany first used blitzkrieg style warfare in this country


sitting down war

Operation Sea Lion

Germany's plan to invade the United Kingdom during World War II

Battle of Britain

first battle during Churchill's administration

Battle of Britain

of this battle Churchill said

Winter War

Russians forced the Finns out of power in Finland

Afrika Korps

unit that Hitler set up in North Africa to help the Italians

Panay Incident

when the Japs sanks an American gunboat in China

Pearl Harbor

site of the Japanese attack on the US that brought the US into the war

Operation Torch

the code name for the Allied Invasion of North Afirca led by Eisenhower during World War II

Battle of the Bulge

Nazis last great offensive battle

Battle of the Java Sea

The Japs sank most the American ships and advanced to Australia

Battle of the Coral Sea

the first naval battle where the opposing sides did not see each other

Battle of Midway

the U.S. Navy broke the back of the Japanese

Battle of the Philippine Sea

this battle took place the same time as the assault on Japan

Battle of Leyte Gulf

Naval Battle/ Japanese almost lost all of their ships

Iwo Jima

some of the most desparate fighting in human history took place on this volcanic island

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