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  1. What cestode drug gets both dipylidium and taenia tapes?
  2. How does strongid-C work?
  3. What are signs of avermectin toxicity?
  4. Which trematode drug is very effective against immature AND adult flukes?
  5. What heartworm preventative is given daily?
  1. a if given daily will kill ingested larvae, but will NOT kill adults.
  2. b filaribits.
  3. c ataxia, coma, vision loss, bradycardia.
  4. d droncit.
  5. e curatrem.

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  1. nemex, strongid-T, imathol.
  2. 2-3 weeks. only gets adults.
  3. salivation, lacrimation, urination, defecation. associated with organophosphate OD.
  4. strongid-C.
  5. head (scolex) and body (proglottids).

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  1. What is the treatment for an organophosphate overdose?caparsolate, immiticide.


  2. What are the two treatments for heartworm?caparsolate, immiticide.


  3. What GI anthelmintic is sensitive to herding breeds?benzimidazole.


  4. What is the most common avermectin?ivermectin.


  5. What OTC GI anthelmintic can be irritating to the mouth?avermectin.