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  1. What are the 3 main heartworm preventatives?
  2. What do we do with cats that have heartworm?
  3. Which trematode drug is very effective against immature AND adult flukes?
  4. What benzimidazole drug should be avoided with liver dz?
  5. Which heartworm treatment is safer and more effective?
  1. a immiticide.
  2. b heartguard, interceptor, filaribits.
  3. c curatrem.
  4. d given steroids and preventatives and wait for worms to die naturally.
  5. e mebendazole.

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  1. difil and knotts.
  2. ivermectin.
  3. atropine, 2-PAM, wash off if topical.
  4. trichloriform (telmin B).
  5. right side.

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  1. What three pyrantel pamoate drugs are given to dogs?nemex, strongid-T, imathol.


  2. OTC cestode products get what part(s) of the worm?only body.


  3. What are the two treatments for heartworm?caparsolate, immiticide.


  4. What heartworm preventative is given daily?immature adults and females.


  5. What pyrantel pamoate drug given to horses?nemex, strongid-T, imathol.