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  1. What 6 drugs are best for treating nematodes?
  2. How many weeks after microfilaricide is retesting done?
  3. What is the most common avermectin?
  4. What organophosphate drug has no milk withholding period?
  5. What two tests are used to look for microfilaria?
  1. a ivermectin.
  2. b difil and knotts.
  3. c 3 weeks.
  4. d piperazine, benzimidazoles, organophosphates, pyrantel pamoate, vermiplex, avermectin.
  5. e coumaphos (baymix).

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  1. filaribits.
  2. 14 days in cattle, 30 in goats.
  3. benzimidazole.
  4. atropine, 2-PAM, wash off if topical.
  5. droncit.

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  1. Prescription cestode products get what part(s) of the worm?only body.


  2. What does SLUD stand for and what drug is it associated with?ataxia, coma, vision loss, bradycardia.


  3. What broad spectrum benzimidazole should not be given for the first 45 days of pregnancy?albendazole.


  4. Which heartworm treatment is safer and more effective?immiticide.


  5. Which heartworms are hardest to kill?L-3, L-4.