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  1. What heartworm preventative is given daily?
  2. What side of the heart do heartworms live in?
  3. What stage of heartworm is injected into the dog from the mosquito?
  4. What GI anthelmintic is sensitive to herding breeds?
  5. Why does pyrantel pamoate need to be shaken before given?
  1. a avermectin.
  2. b filaribits.
  3. c L-3.
  4. d it is a suspension.
  5. e right side.

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  1. given steroids and preventatives and wait for worms to die naturally.
  2. fenbendazole given for 5 days.
  3. albendazole.
  4. immature adults and females.
  5. vermiplex.

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  1. What organophosphate drug is good for bots in horses?coumaphos (baymix).


  2. How many weeks after microfilaricide is retesting done?3 weeks.


  3. Prescription cestode products get what part(s) of the worm?head (scolex) and body (proglottids).


  4. What drug should not be used with organophosphates due to synergism?pyrantel pamoate.


  5. Which heartworm treatment is safer and more effective?immiticide.