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  1. What broad spectrum benzimidazole should not be given for the first 45 days of pregnancy?
  2. What are the two treatments for heartworm?
  3. At what stage are heartworm easiest to kill?
  4. What does miosis mean?
  5. Which trematode drug is very effective against immature AND adult flukes?
  1. a curatrem.
  2. b contraction of pupils.
  3. c albendazole.
  4. d L-3, L-4.
  5. e caparsolate, immiticide.

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  1. filaribits.
  2. ivermectin.
  3. 14 days in cattle, 30 in goats.
  4. after 4 weeks give microfilaricide to kill L-1, 3, 4, 5's.
  5. heartguard, interceptor, filaribits.

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  1. OTC cestode products get what part(s) of the worm?only body.


  2. What side of the heart do heartworms live in?right side.


  3. What organophosphate drug has no milk withholding period?trichloriform (telmin B).


  4. What three pyrantel pamoate drugs are given to dogs?strongid-C.


  5. What pyrantel pamoate drug given to horses?strongid-C.


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