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Leukocyte Facts

These flash cards are to help you understand all the basics about Leukocytes (White blood cells).
There are five types of Luekocytes, what are they?
1. Basophils 2.Eosinophils
3.Neutrophils 4.Lymphocytes
How long is a Basophils (Baso's) lifespan?
Basophils have a lifespan of 2 days.
Basophils are what percent of your WBC (white blood cell) count?
Basophils are 0-1% of your WBC count
Basophils are a granulocyte.
The have the LARGEST granules.
Baso's have a nucleus.
It is "S" shaped.
Baso's release two chemicals to help the bodies inflammatory process, what are these chemicals?
Histamine and Heparin
What is the function of a Basophil?
To help with the inflammatory process