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Leukocyte Facts

There are five types of Luekocytes, what are they?
1. Basophils 2.Eosinophils
3.Neutrophils 4.Lymphocytes
How long is a Basophils (Baso's) lifespan?
Basophils have a lifespan of 2 days.
Basophils are what percent of your WBC (white blood cell) count?
Basophils are 0-1% of your WBC count
Basophils are a granulocyte.
The have the LARGEST granules.
Baso's have a nucleus.
It is "S" shaped.
Baso's release two chemicals to help the bodies inflammatory process, what are these chemicals?
Histamine and Heparin
What is the function of a Basophil?
To help with the inflammatory process