100 terms

World Civ 1

100 questions for the final
9th century aranian math mathematician created?
Algebra and a map
It can be said that Islamic society is how?
Relied heavily on religious doctrine
What did Mohammed teach about the religion?
Islam was not just a religion it was the culture, and the civilization based on faith.
Mohammad was what?
Allah's Prophet
What is Islam?
Monotheistic-means submission
What was the jihad?
Holy Wars-striving in the way of the lord a practice which grew out of the bedouin traditions.
According to Islamic belief, what did Allah give mohammad?
final revelation submission to the will of Allah
What was the kaaba?
Sacred shrine of Islam-A massive black meteorite housed in a central shrine.
What is the Koran?
Ethical guidebook, code of law, political theory and was derivd verbally from Gabriel-Mohammad's revelations, scribes
The ruling member of a bedwin tribe was called what?
What was African culture noted for?
Bardes who kept communal history and religious beliefs
Slavery in Africa went back to ancient times long before the arrival of what people?
Where do we find the great iron working culture of northern Iberia?
Nok culture
The Sahara desert was
area that was green and flourished w life
The ancient Ethiopian civ adopted what form of Christianity?
Coptic Christianity
Name of the ancient civ of what today is known as Ethiopia?
What about the vast grass lands of the Sahara desert?
What geographical obstacle divides Africa from the rest of the continent?
Sahara desert
What is the great river that dominates the hump of Africa?
Niger River
What is the greatest desert on earth?
Sahara desert
Carved stone pillars that were used to mark tombs as kings wat r they called?
The Stele
The lowest and most basic african social grouping?
The nuclear family unit
In rural India what was a major crop grown?
A great deal of cotton
In medieval India, what were the major exports?
Rice, spices, fruits, sugarcane, cotton
Muslim rule in India reserved most of the high posts in the central government and the provinces for what group of people?
Government officials, artisans, or merchants catering to the needs of the court.
India classical age was?
The Indian sea route used by Romans to ship silk back to Rome expanded when and for what reason?
1st Century C.E., the patterns of the monsoon winds in the Indian Ocean
Who were the first migrants in Southeast Asia in 1st millennium of the Common Era?
Burmese, Thai
What is Sikhism?
Tried to blend Islam and Hinduism
Major differences between China and late medieval Europe were that the Chinese made many technological advances such as the compass and block printing, but were less interested
In scientific inquiry
Of the 3 philosophies was competed in china which won?
Confucianism triumphed because it adhered to the Chinese social need to support the concepts of hard work and filial piety
In terms of its relation with neighboring powers, song what did they?
Met their ultimate demise at the hands of the Mongols.
As a result of tang rule what happened w Buddhist influence?
It helped produce a blossoming at the hands of the Mongols
The Sui dynasty completed what?
The new Grand Canal system connecting the yellow to the Yangtze River valleys
After the fall of the Han dynasty and before Sui dynasty what happened in china?
Chinese literature was stimulated by the invention of paper
Japanese poetry? What did it express?
Themes in simple forms designed to create a general mood
The earliest inhabitants of Japan were who?
The Japanese haiku focused on images from where?
Meaning pot scenery the Japanese many atour plant is called
Japans people r a mixture of what people?
From various parts of Asia and beyond.
Agriculture in japan was changed by the intro of what?
Rice cultivation about 400 B.C.E.
Who r the genin?
Were landless laborers who could be bought and sold by owners of the land.
What is the bakafu system?
Was the centralized government under the shogun.
What was the name of the Japanese military officials who were supposed to protect patrons and their property?
Way of the warrior's street code was called what name?
The strict code of the Japanese retainer was called bushido
The essence of the Shogunate system was that government power became centralized under the Shogun
while the emperor ruled in name only.
The Japanese word for divine wind?
Who are the samurai?
Were similar to the medieval European knights.
What is Shinto?
Involves the performance of rituals acts usually performed at a shrine.
The Buddhist sec that taught devotion and enlightenment was called what?
Pure land
The Japanese Zen term for enlightenment what?
The religious figure martyred in his own cathedral?
Abbot Suger
The Slavs were divided into two religious groups. What were they?
Western and Eastern Slavs
The medieval religious order noted for living among common people and administering to the poor?
The first gothic church was constructed where?
What Viking discovered Greenland?
Erik the red
Who was the pope who authorized the first crusade?
Pope Urban II
The 4th crusade resulted in the fall of what?
Byzantine or Palestine
In 800 Charlemagne was crowned?
Charles the Great
The early medieval church in the west was what monk that developed a more organized monastic structure?
saint Benedict
What did christen monasteries serve as?
Centers for learning
Monotheism in medieval Europe included who?
The Asian people defeated at ledge field est the kingdom of hungry?
Why was the Scandinavian Viking successful at going to other parts of Europe?
Had best ships
The element of feudalism was symbolized in relationship involving who?
Lord and Vessel
The piece of land that provided the feudal vassal's economic support was what?
How did vassals generate there income?
The land-Fief
13th century the institusionalation of the english parliament what did it do? System of power shared by whom?
The 2 Knights and 2 burgessess
The dynasty that restored byzantine 9th cen power was who?
Iconoclasm outlawed what?
The use of Icons
In the aftermath of the 4th crusade the former Byzantine Empire was what?
Latin Empire of Constantinople
In 1453 the Byzantine Empire fell to who?
Ottoman turks
Advantage that the Ottoman had against Constantinople
was gun powder.
As a result of the Black Death increase in what?
Anti-Semitism and social unrest
Black Death spread by what?
Fleas carrying Yersiniapelstis
The Mongols spread the plague w trade where?
The silk road
By end 100 years French gained victory because of what?
Cannon and gun powder
Boniface the 8th was forced to do what?
Flee in the face of a French take over
The great schism saw 2 people claiming to be what?
The divine beauty of the sealing figures of the 16 chapels is reflection of the Neo-Platonism painted by
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo also sculpted the statue of
The painter famous for Madonna was who?
In the 15th century the Roman Empire consisted of
100 ind states largely independent.
The Orthodox Church had its greatest missionary success with
the Russians.
The Renaissance began in
What revolutionized warfare in the early middle Ages?
The stirrups
Korea adopted Chinese institutions in order to
facilitate political centralization.
Another Japanese cultural contribution representing a fusion of Zen and aesthetics is the
tea ceremony.
In the early Hainan court, Japanese poetry was
the means of communication between lovers.
The class of hereditary slaves who performed degrading occupations was the
_________ are subject to violent earthquakes because of the nearness to the Asian and Pacific tectonic plates.
The Japanese islands
Identify the four Japanese Islands.
Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku
Buddhism was brought to China by merchants from
The most effective expression of literature from the Tang to the Ming dynasties was in the form of
The founder of the Mongol empire was
Genghis Khan.
What are the two major geographic components of Southeast Asia?
A mainland region extending southward from the Chinese border down to the tip of the Malay peninsula and an extensive archipelago, most of which is part of present day Indonesia and the Philippines.
It could be said of the medieval Indian culture what were their most important artistic contributions?
Buddhist cave temples and monasteries
What factor served as the most significant and potent inhibitor of commercial development in medieval India was what?
Class systems
Justinian's most lasting accomplishment was?
Code of law
7th century greatest danger came from who?
Byzantine Empire