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Luekocyte facts

Specifically "Monocytes".
Monocytes have a lifespan of ______________.
Answer: "Several months"
Monocytes are ____-____% of your WBC count.
Answer: 3-8%
Monocytes are the largest or smallest of all leukocytes?
Answer : LARGEST
Where are Monocytes found?
Answer: The bone marrow and spleen.
The outer ring of a Monocyte is called?
Answer: "Cytoplasm" - Has holes.
What are inside the holes?
Answer: Debris
Monocytes are phagocytic
"Pac-man" they eat away at waste.
Once out of the blood stream, what becomes of a Monocyte?
Answer: It becomes "Macrophage", it then removes itself any way possible
Does a Monocyte have granules?
Answer: No a Monocyte has no granules. It is "A granule".