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More on Leukocytes

Specifically "Lymphocytes".
Lymphocytes have a lifespan of______________.
"Several years"
Lymphocytes make up what percent of your WBC count?
Answer: 20-40%
Lymphocytes are the largest or smallest of all WBC's?
Answer: Smallest
Lymphocytes are most numerous of all the Leukocytes.
Where are Lymphs made?
Answer: Lymphatic System
What color are the Lymphs?
A light purple or robin's egg color.
There are two kinds of Lymphocytes, what are they?
Answer: "T Lymphs" and "B Lymphs"
What is the purpose of the T Lymphs?
Answer: The directly attack other infected cells.
What does the B Lymph produce?
Answer: Antibodies.
Lymphs usually will stay in what kind of tissues?
Answer: Lymphatic tissues.