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helps to lower blood sugar levels
release sugar to help raise blood sugar levels
a new individual that comes from an out growth of an existing individual
when a parents seperates into 2 or more individual of about the same size
parent breaks into numerous pieces of different sizes
is the 2nd half of fragmentation, it re grows all the body parts that it was missing
is when they have both the male and female parts on one organism
internal fertilization
sperm is deposited near or in the female reproductive track
external fertilization
put their gametes into water and that's where the reproduction occurs
is the gonad and it is where the gamete is produced
oocyte site
is the site where the gamete actually develops
is the tube that the oocyte travels down and it is where the sperm has to meet the egg
has lots of muscle, help have birth, shed the lining fro your period
are the male gonad, and it is where the gamete is produced, and it need to be kept at a cool tempurature
is the sac that the testes are kept in
where the sperm matures
vas deferens
tube that gets cut in a vesticumy
seminal vesicle
add fluid to sperm
prostate gland
the urethra and the vas deferens join here
bulbourethral gland
the fluid that comes here joins with the sperm it is then celled semen
is when the sperm is formed, this occurs on a daily basis
occurs in the female ovary, they are all made in the fetus, it is the oocytes sites
triggers embyonic development
is a single fertilized oocyte site
central nervous system
decides what to do with the information
peripheral nervous system
is taking sensory information to the nervous system
is the main cell of the nervous system, main job is to send the signals
are helper cells to the neuron, and they support and protect
action potential
is when we get a change in the membrane charges, across the neuron
is at the end of the axon and is a relay point to either another neuron or its target
gets release from the presynaptic membrane travels across the synaptic cleft and combines to a receptor on the post synaptic membrane, causing the thing to react
gray matter
has the cell body of the nueron and dendrites of the neurons
white matter
has the axon of the neuron
are connective tissue that protects the CNS
cerebrospinal fluid
adds protection, nutrients, and gets rid of waster in the CNS
autonimic nervous system
regulates the digestive, endocrine, circulatory systems and they are all involuntary
parasympathetic division
conserves energy and does rest and digest
sympathetic division
controls "Fight or Flight", expend energy, heart rate increases, and breathing increases