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COMM 350 Quizzes

________ is the number of different audience members exposed at least once to a media vehicle.
marketing strategies
Which of the following is NOT a part of the media plan?
high market share and monitor for sales decline (key)
After calculating both the brand development index (BDI) and the category development index (CDI), a media planner obtains the following results: High BDI and Low CDI. What do these results imply?
spring-blooming bulbs - continuous
Which media scheduling method would be inappropriate for the product named?
frequency, reach
Given the objective is comprehension of the message, the strategy should be to maximize ______ at the expense of _______ .
When the coverage of the media exceeds the targeted audience, this excess is referred to as wasted coverage.
duplication and maximize frequency
Dr Pepper ran its commercial featuring Garth Brooks during American Idol and during The Bachelor. Since many people watch both television shows, ________ occured. It is a desired feature if the media strategy is to ___________.
effective reach
The concept _____ is based on the assumption that one exposure to an ad may not be enough to convey the desired message.
the purchase and usage cycle is short
Greater frequency levels of exposure would be necessary if...
Newspaper B is the more cost-effective buy
A retailer wants to run an ad announcing that the new Harry Potter book will be available at the store next Saturday. There are two newspapers in the community in which the retailer operates. An ad in Newspaper A will cost $500, and an ad in Newspaper B will cost $375. Newspaper A has a circulation of 10,000, and Newspaper B has a circulation of 8,000. After calculating the CPM, you know:
all of the above
Television is considered an excellent advertising medium because of...
Mercedes Benz automobiles runs commercials for its expensive automobiles on the A&E cable channel, which reaches a highly educated and upscale audience. This is an example of how _______ is possible through cable television.
limited creative options for developing and presenting advertising messages
Which of the following is NOT a limitation associated with the use of television as an advertising medium?
do all of the above
National advertisers may use spot television advertising to:
Which television daypart has the highest rates, is dominated by national advertising, and attracts the largest viewing audience is:
all of the above
Why are advertisers interested in cable as an advertising medium?
audience size and composition
The price for commercial time charged by a television network is largely upfront commitments.
a rating point
_______ is defined as one percent of all the television households in a particular area tuned to a specific program.
all of the above
Radio is a very effective medium for reaching:
integrated marketing opportunities
Mountain Dew often sponsors live radio broadcasts at beaches, sporting events, and festivals in which it sets up booths for sampling and giveaways. This is an example of how Mountain Dew is capitalizing on which advantage offered by radio?
consumer, farm, and business
According to Standard Rate and Data Service, magazines can be classified as ______ publications.
regional editions of specialty magazines such as Runner's World
Avia makes athletic shoes. Avia's marketing research has shown there are a large number of serious runners living in the Pacific Northwest region of the US. These individuals would be willing to pay over $200 for a good pair of running shoes. To reach this market, the best media option would be:
creative space buys
Janome manufactures sewing machines. In an issue of Home Companion, Janome purchased the bottom quarter ad space on three successive pages to advertise the winter clearance sale on different models sewing machines at Janome authorized dealers. Janome used _______ to attract reader's attention.
Consumers generally choose to purchase magazine because they are interested in the content and ads are additional information relevant to the issue or topic area
Which of the following statements provides a reason why consumers are more receptive to magazine advertising than to television advertising.
long lead times
Which of the following is a DISADVANTAGE inherent in advertising in magazines.
guaranteed circulation
Many publications base their rates on ______ and give refunds to advertisers if the number of delivered magazines is below that quality.
syndicated Sunday newspaper supplements
Parade and USA Weekend are examples of....
Many newspapers publish several geographic or zone editions and thus provide selectivity to local advertisers.
Which of the following statements about the geographic selectivity offered by newspapers is true?
The rates newspapers charge national advertisers are up to 75% higher than those paid by local advertisers
Which of the following statements about newspaper advertising rates is true?
flat rate; open rate
When a newspaper offers no discounts for quantity or repeated space buys, it is using a(n) _____ structure. When discounts are available, it is using a(n) _________ structure
all of the above
Examples of the use of alternative media include:
none of the above
A company wishing to advertise to a very specific target market with a message designed to aid comprehension of the product benefits offered should use:
in-store media
Based on research figures, approximately two-thirds of all consumers' purchase decisions are made while shopping. Given this fact, which of the following media should be most effective in influencing consumer decisions?
all of the above
Which of the following is a disadvantage associated with transit advertising?
Which of the following support media provides advertisers with wide coverage of local markets and high levels of frequency?
Negative attitudes of consumers (toward the medium) have been cited as a limitation of outdoor advertising.
advertising specialities
Useful articles of merchandise, such as sports bottles, calendars, and pens, imprinted with an advertiser's name, message, or logo are examples of :
in-flight advertising
Which support medium would probably be most effective for expensive cologne where the target audience for the product is upscale businessmen?
branded entertainment
Which support medium should be employed if the objective is to associate the product with a very specific type of user and to appear as though it's really not being advertised at all?
the decline in viewership of traditional media
One reason advertisers are seeking out alternative advertising options including on beaches, in schools, and even on bodies is:
do all of the above
Marketers should assess advertising effectiveness measures in order to :
_________ testing takes place at the earliest stage of the development for either a print ad or a broadcast commercial.
The fact that people in market research lab setting looking at ad mockups may look at an ad more closely than they might look at it if it was included in a magazine that was delivered to their home is an example of a testing bias.
The primary difference between a laboratory experiment and a field experiment is that in a field experiment, the researcher has less control over extraneous independent variables.
pretesting through focus groups
To try to help Americans prepare for a terrorist attack, the US Department of Homeland Security used a new 1.2million ad campaign involving both print and broadcast media. Prior to the development of the advertisements, the department conducted concept tests with small groups of 8-10 average US citizens from NY City, Kansas City, LA, and elsewhere who gave their opinions on what the ads should contain and how the message should be delivered. This is an example of:
Pupillometrics, electrodermal response and electroencelphalographic measures are all forms of physiological measures of advertising effectiveness.
alternate copies of the same issue to carry different versions of the message
A "split-run" privilege offered by some print media allows:
all of the above are true
Which of the following is not true about the recognition method?
Sometimes participants rate an ad good on all characteristics because they like a few and overlook specific weaknesses. This tendency called the halo effect, distorts the ratings and defeats the ability to control for specific components.
Good tests of advertising effectiveness must address the nine principles established by PACT. One of the easiest ways to do this is to follow a decision sequence model. The first step in the model is to : establish communication objectives.
Coupons, bonus packs, premiums, and samples are promotional offers that are targeted towards:
brand equity
Critics of sales promotions contend the increase in sales promotions is leading to a decrease in:
can be accomplished through consumer promotions that reinforce established brand images or positioning
Consumer-franchise-building (equity building) for a brand
defend current customers
The objective of a $.75 off coupon for Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo was most likely to
_______ is generally considered the most effective method for generating trial of a new product.
newspaper freestanding inserts
The most popular method for distributing coupons is:
A _____ is an offer of an item of merchandise or service either free or at a reduced price that is used to provide an extra incentive to purchase.
contest; sweepstakes
With a ________ consumers compete for prizes and/or money on the basis of skills or ability, while with a(n) _______ winners are determined purely by chance.
event marketing
May is National Arthritis Month. To celebrate this month, the manufacturer of Aleve pain reliever sponsored fundraiser walks to raise money to find a cure for arthritis. Aleve's manufacturer engaged in:
a sales promotional trap or spiral
Delta Air began offering triple miles to members of its frequent flyer program when they took any delta flight from new york to miami. Then united and other airlines immediately matched the offer, and it was believed for a long time that they all must continue the program or lose their competitive position. This situation is an example of:
public relations
_____ is the management functions that evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an organization with the public interest and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.
public relations activities that are designed to support marketing objectives are known as marketing public relations.
have targeted government bodies
Companies that support lobbying efforts:
percentage of positive and negative articles over time.
Criteria for measuring the effectiveness of public relations activities include:
lack of control
one of the main disadvantages of publicity is:
corporate advertising
communications activities designed to promote a firms overall image, without reference to a specific product, are called
corporate advertising
The illustration in the ad for Accenture showed an elephant walking a narrow log suspended between two cliffs. The headline read, "who says you can't be big and nimble?" since the ad made no reference to the specific products offered by accenture it is an example of:
Toyota promoting its concern for the environment
which of the following best reflects an example of corporate advertising?
advocacy advertising
_____ is a major form of corporate advertising that addresses social, business, or environmental issues.
conducting studies to determine the relationship between corporate advertising and stock prices
The attempt to measure the effectiveness of PR activities is often difficult to achieve. Which of the following measures would be most useful in this effort?
Facebook, twitter, and other such interactive social networking sites form a part of the web 1.0 era
In case of search engine advertising, advertisers pay only when a consumer clicks on their ad or link from a search engine page
behavior tracking, on the internet, helps in tailoring the message to appeal to the specific needs and wants of the target audience.
stimulate trial
iTunes allows for a "sampling" of songs before you purchase in order to:
search engine optimization
____ is the process of improving the volume of traffic driven to one's site by a search engine through unpaid (organic) results as opposed to paid inclusions.
_____ are short featured films in which companies create their own content to advertise their products.
public relations
Good Mews is a no-cage, no-kill cat shelter that tries to care for and find homes for cats and kittens...
recall and retention
Which of the following is a traditional method of measuring the effectiveness of the internet?
a major advantage of the web is the ability to target very specific groups of individuals
what of the following is true about the internet?
which of the following has been cited as a disadvantage associate with using the internet?