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There are two classifications of leukocytes, what are they?

Answer: The can be classified by whether or not they have granules. Lymphocytes and Monocytes are "A granules", meaning they do NOT have granules.

Leukocytes (White blood cells) are smaller or larger than a Thrombocyte ( Red blood cell) ?

Answer: LARGER, very in size.

Does a leukocyte have a nucleus?

Answer: Yes

The average adult has about how many leukocytes per cubic millimeter?

Answer: 5,000- 10,000

Where are leukocytes formed and disposed?

Answer: Formed = Inside the bone marrow and lymphatic tissues. Disposed = through the spleen, liver and bone marrow.

Can leukocytes travel into surrounding tissues?

Answer: Yes

What is the lifespan of a leukocyte?

Answer: 6-8 within the bloodstream. Weeks, months and even years in tissues ie. the lungs.

What is the function of a leukocyte?

Answer: To destroy pathogens, fight off infections.

How does the leukocyte manage to destroy pathogens and fight off infection?

Answer: Through "Phagocytosis", which eats unknown substances.

How are leukocytes classified?

Answer: Size, shape and shape of the nucleus. Also classified by whether they have granules/grains.

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