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Pre-Settlement Years
Before the 1500's
Characteristics of the Pre-Settlement Years
native American beliefs looked at nature relied on spoken word to pass down their stories.
Major Genres of the Pre-Settlement
Creation Stories, a supreme being darkness and chaos at the beginning, birth, earth separate, animals used, explanation of sin, mother father person.
Writers from the Pre-Settlement Period
Iroquoid and Pima Creation, Pime-Turtle, Iroquoid-Good/Bad twins
Puritanism Years
Characteristics during the Puritanism and beliefs
Hard working, wanted to purify Christian beliefs and practice, thought the church of England was corrupt, wanted to separate from the church of England, focused more on the heart, communion and baptism are very important. Try to do good cause fearful of hell, punish for sinning, humiliation was pop punishment. Believe that nature was evil, source of temptation as well, believed in predestination
Major Genres during Puritanism
Religious, glorifying God, nature of God
Writers from the Puritanism time
Anne Bradstreet (poetry), John Winstrop (model of Christian poetry), Cotton Mather, Nathaniel Hawthorne, William Bradford (poetry), Jonathan Edwards
The Enlightenment (Age of Reason)
Characteristics and beliefs of The Enlightenment
Believed in predestination, inherit evil (grace is necessary), admired power of the human mind, deism
Major change of thought, valued reason over faith, mankind was essentially good, tabula rasa (blank slate), deist who rely on reason rather than the bible to find existence of God
The major genres popular in writings during The Enlightenment (Age of Reason)
Political pamphlets, essays, travel guides, autobiographies
Writers during The Enlightenment
Jonathan Edwards, Alexander Pope, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, John Locke
Romanticism (Transcendentalism) Years
Characteristics of Romanticism
Search for beauty, have imagination, emotion over reason, fascinated by the past, strange supernatural events, disdain for city, concerned with individual freedom, distrust of civilization
self-reliance, unity of all religions, living close to nature, spirituality is individual, can find God in nature
Major genres of Romanticism
Wanted American lit to be republican, informed by principles of declaration of independence, progressive, praised capacities of ordinary people, condemned unearned social distinction and inherited wealth
Republican hero
anti aristocratic, from an obscure background
The writers from Romanticism
Poe, Washington Erving, rip van wrinkle, Hawthorne, Fuller
Realism-Regionalism-nationalism Years
Characteristics and beliefs during Realism-Regionalism
Believed in naturalism, tried to record life as it was (realistically), verisimilitude (adherence to the truth)
Major genres during Realism-Regionalism
Western and regional writing
Writers from Realism-Regionalism
Kate Chopin, William Dean Howells
Kate: Awakening