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Things you need to know about Erythrocytes.
How many microns are erythrocytes in diameter?
Answer: 8 microns
Does the erythrocyte have a nucleus?
Answer: No nucleus, it concave/dented.
How many erythrocytes does the average adult have in the body?
Answer: 4.5-5 million per cubic millimeter.
What is the function of the erythrocyte?
Answer: To carry oxygen from the lungs, provide all 7 solutes to the body and pick up waste.
The life span of a red blood cell (erythrocyte) is?
Answer: 120-130 days.
Where are RBC's (red blood cells) formed?
Answer: formed within the bone marrow.
What happens once the cell is formed?
Answer: The cell needs to mature, then it is released into the blood stream.
What is a "Reticulocyte"?
Answer: Reticulocytes are RBC's that have never matured.
What happens to erythrocytes once they become reticulocytes?
Answer: The become waste and are disposed of through the spleen and liver.