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How many blood groups are there?
Answer: 4
What are they?
Answer: A, AB, B, O
What is the Rh factor?
Answer: The presence or absence of the RBC antigen called the Rh factor or D - antigen, which determines wether a person is type Rh-positive or Rh-negative.
What is the difference between people who are Rh-positive and Rh-negative?
Answer: Rh-negative people do not have natural antibodies to the Rh factor but will for antibodies if they receive Rh-positive blood.
What are the 3 types of blood vessels?
Answer: Arteries, veins and capillaries.
How thick are the capillaries?
Answers: One cell thick
What is the space between the capillaries walls called?
Answer: lumen
What is Hemostasis?
Answer: Hemostasis is coagulation, the clotting process.
What is Basal state?
Answer: Basal state is when a person has gone 12 hours in rest with no food and exercise. Example: Sleep 10a.m-10p.m
How many layers does a cell have?
Answer: 3
What are they?
1. Tunica Externa - Outer layer
2. Tunica Media - Middle layer
3. Tunica Intima - Innermost layer
What is "transmission" in medical terms?
Answer: Transmission refers to a way of transportation for bacteria, air born sickness and disease. ie. Sneezing, coughing and vectors (animals).
What is a Requisition form?
Answer: The history of a patient (pt)
What is a Acquisition form?
Answer: it is a unique tracking number for the specimen.
What is 12:30 A.M military time?
Answer: 00:30 a.m
A patient signing forms would be a expression of what kind of consent?
Answer: Informed consent.
What is an example of "implied consent" ?
Answer: When a patient extends their arm for you to perform venipuncture.
When a patient verbally gives you permission to perform a venipuncture procedure, what kind of consent is that?
Answer: Expressed consent.
What is Pre-analytical mean?
Answer: All acts before the puncture.
What is Analytical mean in terms of phlebotomy?
Answer: During, acts performed by the phlebotomist while a needle is inserted into the Pts arm.
What is Post- analytical mean?
Answer: Acts that are taken place after the procedure is complete and the needle has been extracted from the Pts arm ie. Mislabeling, neglecting to apply pressure to punctured site.
What does "AMT" stand for?
Answer: "American Medical Technologists"
What does "MSDS" stand for?
Answer: "Material Safety Data Sheet"
What does "NFPA" stand for?
Answer: "National Fire Protection Agency"
Where is the Sub-clavian vein located?
Answer: Below the collar bone, above the chest.
What percentage of alcohol is used in a Isopropel Alcohol swab?
Answer: 70%
What is an accurate description of the word "Adema" ?
Answer: Swelling or excess tissue fluid.
Why are we not to stick in an area where burns, scars and tattoos are present?
Answer: Because these areas are more susceptible to infection and yield inaccurate test results.
What does the word "Syonotic" mean?
Answer: Blue