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anti-suffragists feared that if women got the right to vote, they would
they feared they would forget their duties at home
during the great depression, president hoover came under attack because many americans believed that
he did not fully grasp or care about how desperate the american people were
the united states supported panamanian revolutionaries in 1903 in their fight for independence from
which one of the following people coined the term normalacy
warren g harding
which are the differences between the two candidates in the election of 1928
one was with the democratic and one was with the republican
this nation saw itself as the protector of slavs and opposed the austo hugarian rulers in the balkans
the scopes trial pitted religious beliefs against
science, religion, and their place in public education
president theodore roosevelt wanted to build the panama canal to shorter travel time between
the atlantic and pacific ocean
what event sparked the beginning of world war one
after the spanish-american war, a controversy arose over whether the united states should annex
the total value of all goods and services produced in a nation is called the
gross national product
what did general pershing do with his troops when they arrived in france
pershing formed an american army of 500,000 in france
nativists resented immigrants because
because they took jobs from white americans
the most controversial of darwin's ideas is known as
theory of evolution
what is the espionage act
act to try and stop the war effort
what is the sedition act
extended the espionage act of 1917 to cover a broader range of offenses
how did gompers try to help workers
president of american federation of labor
black tuesday is referred to the
most famous stock market crash
what two companies built the transcontinental railroad
union pacific and central pacific
what is the 21st amendment
repealed the 18th amendment
what is the 18th amendment
prohibition, ban on alcohol
what is the 19th amendment
womens suffrage, right to vote
what was the clayton anti-trust act
amendment passed by the u.s congress in 1914 that provides clarification to anti-sherman act
why did general pershing use the convoy system to transport forces
the convoy system made communication between the ships easier
in order to afford the new items american industry was producing in the 1920's, it became more respectable than previously to depend on
the barter system
what was the effect of americanization
fewer immigrants chose to be u.s citizens
the unofficial capital of american culture and activism in the united states in the 1920's was
in the new york neighborhood, harlem
widespread fear of communisim
red scare
the event that triggered a u.s declaration of war on spain in 1898 was
america's short war with spain
the famous "I want you for the u.s army" poster was created by artists hired by
james montgomery flagg
john steinbeck wrote this novel about tenant farmers during the great depression
the grapes of wrath
people who hopped trains to look for work were known as
what countries were the centreal powers in ww1
austria-hungaray, ottoman empire
what countries were the allied powers in WW1
france, great britan, russia
what was the sussex pledge
french passenger steamer
what three people ran in the election of 1912
wilson, taft, roosevelt
what is the dawes act
a law enacted in 1887, that was intended to americanize native americans by distributing reservation land
which state saw sharp increases in the price of land in the 1920's due to an increasing number of people traveling for pleasure
reformers called for prohibition because they believed that alcohol
affected workers and servants
how did the u.s government's indian policy shift in the mid-1800's
tried to americanize them
this mexican leader led the first armed invasion of the continental united states since the war of 1812
pancho villa
in 1919 seattle was virtually shut down because of
in the late 1800's, american expansionists were intrested in hawaii as a potential
a naval and military base
the schlieffen plan called for a suprise invasion of france by
what was president theodore roosevely known for busting
what was the purpose of the committee on public information
hired to get people to support war
the prosecuting attorney in the scopes trial was
william jennings bryant
in 1920 nicola sacco and bartolomeo vanzetti were arrested and put on trial for
accused murder
she was arrested for "knowingly, wrongfully, and unlawfully" voting in 1872
Susan B Anthony
the decade of the 1920's was a given nickname due to its fast progression and success. this nick name was
the roaring 20's
the members of the triple entente were
britan, france, russia
by 1914 henry ford was building cars that average americans could afford because he
assembly line
we shall make war together, make peace together" zimmerman wrote in a note as germany proposed an alliance with
what caused jobs being in high demand after ww1
everyone needed jobs
the teapot dome scandal concerned secretary of the interior albert fall's willingness to
private oil companies at low rates
labor leaders and nativists worked together to restrict the number of immigrants from
south and eastern europe
define selective service act
a law that required men to register for military service
who consisted of the big four
great britan, usa, france, italy
who was amelia earhart
the first women to fly solo across the atlantic
who was charles lindberg
made the first non stop solo flight across the atlantic
what is propaganda
advertising to get people to support the war
what did germany have to do under the treaty of versailles
pay war reparations and admit being war cause
what is welfare capitalism
combination of a capitalist economic system
loose-knit communities of rustic shacks and tents were called
shanty town
what did carnegie think about socail darwinism
he agreed with it
how did william randolph hearst use his newspaper to support the cubans against spain
he didnt use spanish resources
after world war 1, many americans viewed as enemies people identified as
why did king kalakaua give pearl harbor to the untied states
the hawiian people forced him to sign the document
how did social darwinists apply darwin's theories to society
the stronger companies will prosper, the other ones will fail
due to the jungl, what act went into effect
meat inspection act
beliefs based on a literal interpretation of the bible are called
if stock prices dropped, brokers could force investors to repay their loans if the investors were
buying on margin
president theodore roosevelt recieved the nobel peace prize for helping to negotiate a peace treaty between
russia and spain
roosevelt formed the "bull moose" party because
he didnt support the taff in the repubilican party
after five days of fighting and 250,000 lives lost, france stopped the advance of the german army just east of paris at the first battle of
this event was a turning point for reform in workplace safety
triangle shiftwaist fire
what caused the prices of farm products to decrease
demand for food was low
soon after he took office as president, teddy roosevelt intervened in the
the coal mine strike
what was the 14th point
leauge of nations
what was the homestead act
law that provided 160 acres of land in the west
the 1918 sedition act made it illegal for americans too
to speak ill or plot against goverment
what state gained an abundant amount of money from tourism after the creation of fords assembly line
this book by jacob riis presented visual images of desperate urban poverty
how the other half lives
during the late 1800's, some people explained the huge inequalities in american society by using a philosophy called
booker t washington
what was president wilsons plan for a just and lasting peace
called for formation of the leauge of nations
in massing against the german invasion of france, the french army was known for its use of
how did muckrakers prepare the way for political reforms
exposed corruption by writing about it
a leader who said the united states should increase air power was
abraham lincoln
the nation that emerged as the overriding economic world power at the end of world war 1 was
why were so few black regiments trained for combat
race- based inabilites
what was the lost generation
a conort that came during ww1
the goal of the national origins act of 1924 was to
place a limit on immigration
what prompted the russo-japanese war
contriversy over the ownership of manacheria
some european leaders believed that war could be prevented by
speakeasies allowed citizens to get around the consequences of failing to comply with the
the main goal of the NAACP was to
to ensure political educational, science, and economic
sacco and vanzetti were on trail not only for robbery and murder, but also for their
their contriversal trial
president hoover downplayed the effects of the crash because
he wanted the public to be optimistic about the economy
between 1918 and 1919 nearly 700,000 americans lost their lives because of
the enfluenza
what prompted germany to use u-boats and unrestricted submarine warfare
u.s merchants supplying great britan
what is one reason that the platt amendment was significant
lead to guatemelen pay
how did the united states ensure that materials needed at the front were produced
victory garden
what were some side effects of ford's accomplishments during the 1920's
increase in complementary business
what was the dust bowl
a huge dust storm that hit the great plains
where did the dust bowl occur
oklahoma, texas, new mexico, kanasa, colorado
in the great migration, african americans moved from
the north to the midwest & west
one of the basic principles of communism is that everyone should
shave equality in a soceitys wealth
two popular ideologies contributed to imperialism: a sense of nationalism and
love of ones country
what was an important political outcome of world war 1
treaty of Versailles
andrew carnegie was an entreprenuer because he
he was a young boy
of the methods of warfare developed in world war 1, which did traditional officers consider unfair and barbaric
poisonous gas
who was w.e.b. dubois
american socialist, historian, civil rights & activists
who was booker t washington
was a big part in the crow segregation
what are reparations
payments and transfers of property & equipment that germany forced to make under the treaty of v
what is installment buying
a system for paying goods by installments
who was babe ruth
hit a record at 714 home records
what did f. scorr fitzgerald write
jazz age
what did ernest hemingway write
articles for toronto star
what is trench warfare
dig trenches & get into them to avoid enemy
what were the four general causes of ww1
nationalism, imperialism, alliances, militarism
what islaissez- faire capitalism
separation of economy and state