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Test Questions

Bedding plant
seasonal, already grown to blooming or near blooming size before being planted out in a usually formal area
Warm Season bedding plants
Lobella, Allysum, snow crystals, dahlia, dusty miller, impatiens
Warm Season Vegetables
tomatoes, yellow peppers, chili peppers, artichokes
Warm Season veggies seeds
corn, peppers, celery, green beans, squash
Flower Bulbs being sold now
tulips, lily, daffodil, crocus
completes lifecycle in one year or less approx: 6 months
2 years grow first year and flower second year
flower once a year but hang in long tern
How long do you have to sow seeds before they are ready to be sold
10 weeks
shade are the 2nd most popular shade bedding plant
number 1 shade bedding plant
making more plants
grown from seeds
grown from parts of the plant
Asexual production
stem cuttings, leaf cutting, leaf bud cutting, root cutting, division, air layering, graft, budding, plantlets, tissue culture, ground layering
Requirements for seeds to germinate
water, light, medium (soil), oxygen, temperature, tlc
Seeds germinate at what degree F
Propagation considerations for stem cuttings
need to know what it is and duplicate desireable traits, plant needs to be actively growing, disease/pest free, correct cutting wood, timing(not when flowering), best propagation method
two colors on leaves
non woody plants, no bark
Semi hardwood
middle of stem
plum, apple trees, maples, sycamores
Softwood cuttings
carnations, begonias, geranium, ivy, poinsettas
semi-hardwood cuttings
abelia, azalea, hydrangea
Hardwood cutting
pomegranate, rose, willow, wisteria
Length of cutting
make cuts a 1/4" below
leaf, bud or side shoot
Make the cuts a 1/4" above or below because
stubs wont grow
Place cuttings in______
cleansing solution
What is the next step after the cleansing solution
remove leaves that will end up under the dirt
Where do you apply the rooting hormone
to the basal end
What are the functions of the cleansing solution
prevents transpiration, will kill some diseases and pests, lower leaves snap off easier, rooting hormone goes on better, clean foliage, prevent decay
What does the number on rooting hormone represent
the % active ingredient(higher number =higher concentration)
Rooting hormone brands
hormax, hormodin, root tone