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Psych final

the thick band of neurons that connects the right and left cerebral hemispheres is called the
corpus callosum
caused by abnormality in the part of the brain that regulates sleep, and it appears to have a genetic component
which of the following correlation coefficients represents the strongest relationship
the need to take a drug in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms is called
physical dependence
mary suffered from a head injury in a car accident last week. since that time she is able to speak fluently but uses the wrong words when expressing herself. mary may be exhibiting
Wernicke's aphasia
eating, drinking, sexual behavior, and temperature control are most strongly influenced by the
dr. cornelius is conducting a longitudinal study with a group of women who are currently in their late thirties. he began the study when the women were ages 6 to 9 and is interested in the changes that occur in personality over a lifetime. dr. cornelius is a
developmental psychologist
consists of periods of sleep when breathing stops, and the individual must awaken briefly in order to breathe
sleep apnea
which of the following best describes the firing of a neuron (action potential)?
a change in axonal membrane permeability facilitating an inflow of positive ions
a researcher has conducted an experiment in which she assigned all of her students four hours of homework the night before a test; in order to see what effect the extra stress has on performance. the study is flawed because the researcher did not include a
control group
mrs. matthews, a second-grade teacher, has noted that when students increase their compliance with her requests, their sharing behavior also increases. this is called a
positive correlation
these generally begin with piercing screams
sleep terrors
which of the following brain structures is located near the hippocampus and is responsible for fear responses and memory of fear?
the term neurotransmitter refers to
a chemical found in the synaptic vesicles that is released into the synapse
a researcher is investigating the effects of exercise on weight. what are the independent and dependent variables in this experiment?
dependent: weight; independent: exercise
the branchlike structures that receive messages from other neurons are called
tracey has been unable to participate in her gymnastics class and is very uncoordinated since she was involved in an accident where she suffered a head injury. as a result of the accident, she was likely to have suffered damage to her
which of the following is not a source of confounding variables?
random assignment
a 17-year longitudinal study of Costa Rican men suggests that long-term marijuana use has a negative impact on
short term memory
alisa is directed by her neurologist to have a test that will measure the magnetic fields created by electricity of the neurons in her brain. which of the following tests will alisa be most likely to have?
bill was admitted to the hospital last week after he fell. when bill's son visited, he found his father was unable to get words out in a smooth, connected fashion. if bill's difficulty speaking is due to brain damage, what is the likely location of the damage?
Broca's area
when amphetamines are abused, the resulting effects may include
confusion, disorganized behavior, fear, delusions, and hallucinations
short, rhythmic bursts of brainwave activity that appear during stage 2 sleep are called
sleep spindles
ali is in the hospital about to undergo a brain-imaging process that involves taking many x-rays from different angles aided by the use of a computer. what type of imaging technique is being used?
computerized axial tomography (CT)
this disease involves deterioration of the myelin sheath
multiple sclerosis
REM sleep refers to
sleep periods in which a person's eyes move rapidly
what is the function of myelin
to serve as a structure for neurons
a flashback is a brief recurrence of a previously experienced altered state associated with the use of
the cognitive perspective emphasizes the role of ______ that underlie behavior
mental processes
which of the following is a machine designed to record the brain wave patterns produced by electrical activity of the surface of the brain?
joseph has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and as the illness progresses he is slowly losing his memory skills. which neurotransmitter is most likely to be underperforming in joseph's brain?
occurs because the brain adapts to the presence of drugs by responding less intensely to them
drug tolerance
dashia was in an automobile accident that resulted in an injury to her brain. her sense of touch has been affected. which part of the brain is the most likely site of the damage?
parietal lobes
which perspective focuses on free will and self-actualization?
this midbrain structure plays a central role in the development of Parkinson's disease
the substantia nigra
which part of a neuron is attached to the soma and carries messages out to other cells?
holds that being awake wears and tears on the body and brain, and sleep serves the function of restoring body and mind
restorative theory
stage 4 sleep is marked by
delta waves
endorphins are responsible for which of the following?
a "runner's high"
if darren's brain is like that of most people, then language will be handled by his
left hemisphere
what did sigmund freud consider as the key to understanding the nervous disorders he observed?
unconscious mind
the school of psychology called behaviorism was started by
John B. Watson
andy has decided to seek medical help for mood disturbances and appetite problems. which neurotransmitter is most likely involved in the problems andy is experiencing?
the tiny space between the axon terminal of one neuron and the dendrites of the next neuron is called the
libby's physician refers her to a medical center in order to have the biochemical activity in her brain analyzed. she is given an injection of radioactive substance and the is told to lie down with her head on a scanner. the technique being used is
positron-emission tomography
jeremy has some doubt about another researcher's claim of discovering ESP in all humans. jeremy decides that he will try to conduct the same study himself. jeremy will be doing a
the structures of the limbic system play an important role in
memory and emotion
the research method that is used to explore cause-and-effect relationships between variables is the
experimental method
how many stages are there win NREM sleep?
during a ski holiday, hans collided with a large ponderosa pine tree. he now suffers from amnesia, and cannot store or remember new information since his meeting with the tall evergreen. the accident has likely disrupted function in
Hans' hippocampus
malcolm, age 35, is severely depressed. because of this he is given electroconvulsive shock therapy. after treatment, he is sent home and does much better. however, his TV-watching behavior is strange. malcolm thinks that last year's episodes of his favorite TV series are new. malcolm is showing signs of
retrograde amnesia
last month walter became sick after eating two chili dogs, so he no longer likes chili dogs. walter has experienced
conditioned taste aversion
in the curve of forgetting developed by Ebbinghaus, the greatest amount of forgetting occurs
within the first hour after learning new material
improves working memory efficiency and plays a role in the development and maintenance of synapses in memory areas of the brain, such as the hippocampus
stores facts, information, and personal life events that can be brought to mind verbally or in the form of images and then stated
declarative memory
albert bandura's experiments involving the inflated "bobo doll" indicate
children will model the aggressive behaviors they see others engage in
which memory system has an unlimited capacity and can keep information for hours or decades?
long-term memory
for years researchers thought the bond that formed between a child and caregiver was due to the caregiver's physical nourishment of the child. research by harry harlow indicates
contact comfort is the glue that bonds child and caregiver
a researcher who selects a sample of people of varying ages and studies them at one point in time is, by definition, using the
cross-sectional design method
anything that strengthens or increases the probability of the response that it follows
greta's child has facial deformities, a smaller than normal head, heart defects, mental retardation, learning difficulties, and delayed growth. if these defects can be traced to a teratogen used by greta when she was pregnant, which was she most likely abusing?
in an effort to have neutral stimuli to use in his experiments, ebbinghaus introduced the
nonsense syllable
_____ refers to heredity; _____ refers to environmental influences
nature; nurture
one group of participants is followed an assessed as the group ages
longitudinal design
it has been estimated that the number of items that could be stored in short-term memory to be the magic number
7, plus or minus 2
the three parts of the information-processing theory of memory are
sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory
an expert in parenting is addressing parents at the local grade school. when the topic of punishment is discussed, what is one outcome of punishment the expert is likely to not for the parents to consider?
punishment can also lead to the child acting aggressively
this is an increase in the efficiency of neural transmission at the synapses that lasts for hours or longer
long-term potentiation
if your mastery of the material in chapter 6 of the text interferes with what you learned in chapter 5, this would be considered
retroactive interference
your little brother has a big ball of clay. while he watches, you roll the ball of clay into a long snake-like shape. he begins to cry because he thinks he has less clay now. which of piaget's stages is your brother likely to be in?
after having first conditioned an animal to salivate to a tone, pavlov found that without pairing with food, salivation to the tone became weaker and weaker and then finally disappeared. this process is known as
the mental representation of the layout of a college campus represents
a cognitive map
which of the following is not considered a teratogen?
vitamins not about the recommended daily amount
in piaget's theory, accommodation is used to
modify existing schemes and establish new mental frameworks
the owner of a business shows up randomly three or four times a month and inquires about the employee's health, their families, and how they are getting along at work. he also passes out a few extra dollars. the owner is reinforcing his employees on a
variable-interval schedule
maintenance rehearsal is defined as
repeating some bit of information over and over in one's head in order to maintain it in short-term memory
pam's strategy for mastering her new phone number was to group the numbers into meaningful units based on historic dates. this is an example of
al must build 25 radios before he receives -20. what schedule of reinforcement is being used?
a fixed-ratio schedule
sensory memory normally holds visual images for a fraction of a second and sounds for about
2 seconds
which of the following types of memories would be found in episodic memory?
gong to a professional baseball game with your parents on a warm summer day and catching a foul ball
jane can type 100 words per minute, but she can't name the keys in each row from left to right. jane is relying on
nondeclarative memory
H.M., the individual who had his hippocampal region removed as a means of reducing his epileptic seizures, lost his ability to encode new memories; however he could still form new
nondeclarative memories
in a classic experiment, tolman exposed a group of rats to a maze for 11 days before he introduced a food reward. the rats outperformed rats that had been given daily food rewards. this demonstrates
latent learning
the reappearance of a learned response after extinction has occurred is called
spontaneous recovery
if a student studies very hard in order to avoid getting bad grades, this is an example of which behavioral principle?
negative reinforcement
what was the unconditioned stimulus (US) in pavlov's experiment with the dogs?
food powder
mary ainsworth observed that securely attached infants
cry if the mother leaves the room, are easily soothed, and welcome her back when she returns
harmony notices that her cat salivates as soon as her cat hears the sound of harmony opening a can with an electric can opener. in this example, the ____ is the conditioned stimulus
sound of the electric can opener
what are some of the common consequences to a child whose mother smoked while pregnant?
lower birth weight and short stature
simon is teaching his daughter, who is in third grade, her multiplication tables. he explains to her that he memorized them when he was in fourth grade, and hasn't forgotten them since. information like multiplication facts is stored in
semantic memory
normally, when food is placed in the mouth of any animal, the salivary glands start releasing saliva to help with chewing and digestion. in terms of pavlov's analysis of learning, salivation would be referred to as
an unconditioned response
according to thomas and chess, a child that is very irregular in sleeping and eating, resists change, and tends to be loud is labeled a
difficult child
based on lotus's 1978 study, subjects viewed a slide presentation of an accident, and some of the subjects were asked a question about able care when the actual slides contained pictures of a green car. when these same subjects were asked about the color of the car at the accident, they were found to be confused. this is an example of
misinformation effect
the process of encoding, storage, and retrieval are seen as part of the
information processing model of memory
pediatricians test the reflexes of young infants primarily as a way to measure
nervous system development
mandy, who is five, recently spotted a bee buzzing in circles on the sidewalk. she bent over and picked up the insect and it stung her. now whenever mandy hears an insect buzz, even a housefly buzzing against a screen, her heart rate increases. mandy's fear of houseflies is
an example of generalization
unless you repeat them, items placed in short-term memory are usually lost in less than
30 seconds
excessive levels of the stress hormone _____ has been shown to interfere with memory in patients who suffer from diseases of the adrenal glands
why did research participants in spelling's experiment recall so few letters stored in sensory memory?
the remaining stimuli quickly faded from sensory memory
people who are exposed repeatedly to unpleasant events over which they have no control may become passively resigned to those outcomes. this is called
learned helplessness
hypochondriasis and conversion disorder are both types of
somatoform disorders
billy, a 5 year old, talks often about marrying his mother when he gets older. at times, he seems to resent his father. freud might suggest that this is representative of billy's
oedipus complex
a therapist with this perspective will assume that maladaptive behavior can result from irrational thoughts, beliefs, and ideas, which that therapist will then try to change.
in general, antipsychotic drugs work by
blocking dopamine receptors in the brain
which of the following is a key component to Roger's person-centered therapy?
unconditioned positive regard
what are the big five personality traits?
openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism
while taking the minnesota multi phasic personality inventory, vince notices that it contains certain questions that are asked several times in different ways. he asked his daughter, who is a graduate student in psychology, why that is. what is his daughter likely to say?
some items are used to determine if test takers are trying to "fake" the test by not reading
the second generation of antidepressants were designed to block the reuptake of serotonin. these drugs are called
selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
which of the following is a negative symptom of schizophrenia?
social withdrawal
alice takes lithium to control symptoms of her mental disorder. alice is most likely suffering from
bipolar disorder
excessive or unrealistic fearfulness and worry are characteristic of
anxiety disorders
according to Jung, the memories and behavior patterns inherited from past generations are part of the
collective unconscious
according to albert ellis, we become unhappy and depressed about certain events because of
our irrational beliefs
in this type of therapy, the person is exposed to their fear all at once, not gradually
this neurotransmitter is often disrupted in cases of schizophrenia
the first stage of freud's psychosexual stages of personality development is the
oral stage
when a client reacts to an analyst with the same feelings (eg. anger) that were present in another significant relationship, this is called
a person's responses to a projective test are thought to reflect
unconditioned thoughts or feelings
a person who is suffering from disordered thinking, bizarre behavior, and hallucinations and who is unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality is likely suffering from
the humanistic perspective suggests that psychological disorders develop when
the natural tendency towards self-actualization is blocked
marty is moody, manipulative, unstable, lacks a clear sense of identity, and often clings to others. he wants to have close relationships but is unable to do so because he is untrusting of others. marty is suffering from
borderline personality disorder
dr. shedrika uses a form of therapy that emphasizes revealing his clients' unconscious conflicts, urges, and desires, which he believes are the cause of his clients' disordered emotions and behavior. this therapist is most likely using
the psychoanalytic patient who lets her thoughts flow without interruption or fear of negative criticism from her therapist is using
free association
when people have _____ their anxiety increases and they often experience _____ in order to try to relieve the anxiety
obsessions; compulsive behaviors
erin desperately wanted a job with a large computer company, but in her five-minute interview she failed to impress them sufficiently to get hired. whens he talked about this with her friends later, she said she was glad that she didn't get the job because she didn't want to get lost in a big corporation. what defense mechanism is erin using?
gary takes antipsychotic drugs to control the symptoms of schizophrenia. after taking the drug for some time, he begins exhibiting repetitive, involuntary jerks and movements to his face, lips, and legs. gary is showing signs of
tardive dyskinesia
brittany drinks, parties, and often has casual sex with people she hardly knows. freud would say that brittany is dominated by her
axis II of the DSM-IV-TR consists of
personal disorders and mental retardation
in contrast to earlier uses of ECT, today the technique involves stimulation of
the right hemisphere only
dissociative disorders generally result from
unbearable stress
marked by excessive euphoria, inflated self-esteem, wild optimism, and hyperactivity
a manic episode
devonn feels guilty over having broken his mom's dvd player. his feeling is being driven by which component of the personality?
in which disorder does a person seem to experience at least two or more distinct personalities existing in one body?
dissociative identity disorder
darcy is sitting at her desk in her office one day when, without warning, her heart begins racing rapidly, she has a sensation of being "out of her body", and she experiences dulled vision and hearing. she thinks she is having a heart attack. nothing she is doing seems to have caused such an episode. her symptoms most resemble
a panic attack
which of the following tests include scales for hypochondriasis, psychasthenia, and hypomania?
minnesota multiphasic personality inventory (MMPI-2)
a typical american has _____% of developing cancer in his/her lifetime, and _____% chance of developing a mental disorder
30; 50
cindy, a schizophrenia patient, often goes rigid for long periods of time. she likely has
catatonic schizophrenia
the person-centered therapist has to be able to acknowledge and understand what the client is feeling and experiencing. this process is referred to as
a recently developed treatment for depression that is offered as an alternative to ECT
rapid transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)
major depression and bipolar disorder are both examples of
mood disorders
this type of therapy requires that you, with the help of a therapist, create a hierarchy of your fears
systematic desensitization
which psychological test asks the subject to tell a story based on a picture of one or more people in which it is unclear what is going on?
thematic apperception test (TAT)
according to freud, the most frequently used defense mechanism is
share recently moved into her own apartment. shara's mother is appalled at the sloppy housekeeping of her daughter, but when she says anything to share, her daughter becomes quite hostile. freud would describe shara's behavior as
anal expulsive
arlene has an irrational fear of flying in airplanes. she is probably suffering from a
laurie, a 30-year-old homemaker, has delusions and hallucinations, often acts silly, giggles loudly and inappropriately, makes odd gestures, and does not bathe or change her clothes regularly. her symptoms indicate she is suffering from
disorganized schizophrenia
delusions of _____ are false beliefs held by a person who is convinced that others are trying to hurt them in some way
a disorder in which a child shows both significant problems in focusing attention and higher than average levels of physical activity is
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
the primary purpose of the DSM-IV-TR is to
help psychological professionals diagnose psychological disorders
false sensory perceptions that often take the form of hearing voices are called