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  1. Characteristics of Apparel Industry
  2. grey market goods
  3. Masstige movement
  4. Dallas Market
  5. Licensing
  1. a not intended for sale in the country in which they are being sold
  2. b When Luxury designers apply their creativity to create apparel intended for mass market
  3. c Southwestern looks, handcrafted styles with bright, vibrant colors
  4. d Market instability.Numerous SKU's in a season. Subjective criteria. Automation and computerization is limited.Combination of high- and low technologies. Wide variety of products from basic to fashion items
  5. e A legal arrangement whereby firms are given permission to produce and market merchandise in the name of the licensor for a specific period of time.

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  1. carries a limited line of merchandise, weather it is clothing accessories or furniture
  2. Any type of garments or household article made of some manufactured textile that the owner decides to discard
  3. The planning involved in getting the right merchandise, at the right price, in the right quantities, in the right location, with the right sales promotion, at the right time
  4. Rectangular pattern shapes dominate
  5. Can change the direction in which fashions are moving

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  1. martsa building or complex of buildings that houses a wholesale market that is a exhibition of fashions that are ready to be sold to retail stores


  2. Pre-consumer Wasteproducts from the fiber, textile, apparel, and cotton industries


  3. betterapparel in this zone is usually medium to high price. Appeal to middle class market. fashionable clothes at lower prices


  4. Advantages of a FranchiseSouthwestern looks, handcrafted styles with bright, vibrant colors


  5. Penetration of the U.S. market by Foreign investorsJoint ventures,Total ownership, Licensing agreements