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  1. Post-consumer Waste
  2. better
  3. direct similar reuse
  4. Black market goods
  5. grey market goods
  1. a made by the same manufacturers. The quality is not that of a cheap rip-off and it is tough to distinguish them from real items
  2. b Any type of garments or household article made of some manufactured textile that the owner decides to discard
  3. c not intended for sale in the country in which they are being sold
  4. d apparel in this zone is usually medium to high price. Appeal to middle class market. fashionable clothes at lower prices
  5. e collect then sort then export

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  1. One company is sold to another. Diversification.
  2. Latino and Caribbean flavor, colorful. Best known for children's wear
  3. When Luxury designers apply their creativity to create apparel intended for mass market
  4. Pre-consumer and Post-consumer waste removed from the waste stream and recycled back into the consumer market
  5. sections of a retail store that are owned and operated by outside organizations

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  1. New York MarketLatino and Caribbean flavor, colorful. Best known for children's wear


  2. trade showbetween the designer signature and better prices costs one to one third to one half of designer prices


  3. Pattern design: rectangular pattern shapesDesigning more than one style of garment simultaneously and cutting these from one length of fabric together can reduce the amount of fabric waste.


  4. contemporaryzone includes lines of nationally advertised marketers such as guess. Less prestige of designer lines but still appeal to middle class consumers


  5. LicensingRefers to a number of procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers of goods and services


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