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  1. Counterfeit good
  2. better
  3. Jigsaw Puzzle
  4. Black market goods
  5. Characteristics of Apparel Industry
  1. a apparel in this zone is usually medium to high price. Appeal to middle class market. fashionable clothes at lower prices
  2. b made by the same manufacturers. The quality is not that of a cheap rip-off and it is tough to distinguish them from real items
  3. c inferior imitations passed off as the genuine article
  4. d Market instability.Numerous SKU's in a season. Subjective criteria. Automation and computerization is limited.Combination of high- and low technologies. Wide variety of products from basic to fashion items
  5. e cut and sew that wastes none

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  1. Foreign fashion markets, Store-owned foreign buying offices
  2. Owned by the manufacturer
  3. The planning involved in getting the right merchandise, at the right price, in the right quantities, in the right location, with the right sales promotion, at the right time
  4. Latino and Caribbean flavor, colorful. Best known for children's wear
  5. Any type of garments or household article made of some manufactured textile that the owner decides to discard

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  1. Dallas MarketLatino and Caribbean flavor, colorful. Best known for children's wear


  2. Textile Recyclingthoroughly break up the material and return it a fluffy, fibrous condition so it can be reused in blends, or in some cases alone.


  3. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)An assessment of the environmental, economic, and social impact of a product during its entire life is necessary to ensure sustainable development.


  4. open-recyclingPre-consumer and Post-consumer waste removed from the waste stream and recycled back into the consumer market


  5. Mergers and AcquisitionsOne company is sold to another. Diversification.