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  1. open-recycling
  2. The way U.S. buyers purchase foreign made goods
  3. Specification and private label buying
  4. Sourcing
  5. moderate
  1. a Refers to a number of procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers of goods and services
  2. b zone includes lines of nationally advertised marketers such as guess. Less prestige of designer lines but still appeal to middle class consumers
  3. c Foreign fashion markets, Store-owned foreign buying offices
  4. d a store, or retailer, actually designing the product to be manufactured
  5. e thoroughly break up the material and return it a fluffy, fibrous condition so it can be reused in blends, or in some cases alone.

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  1. a building or complex of buildings that houses a wholesale market that is a exhibition of fashions that are ready to be sold to retail stores
  2. The planning involved in getting the right merchandise, at the right price, in the right quantities, in the right location, with the right sales promotion, at the right time
  3. Latino and Caribbean flavor, colorful. Best known for children's wear
  4. -Feelings of insecurity
    -Lack of interest
    -Varying rates of response
  5. Can change the direction in which fashions are moving

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  1. Advantages of a FranchiseQuick way to get into business and a quick way to expand


  2. Market Centerapparel in this zone is usually medium to high price. Appeal to middle class market. fashionable clothes at lower prices


  3. Discount Storescarries a limited line of merchandise, weather it is clothing accessories or furniture


  4. Designer signaturesells goods at less than full retail prices


  5. Characteristics of accessory industrySome apparel manufacturers produce their own to coordinate with their apparel lines. Many designers use licensing agreements with manufacturers


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