49 terms

exam 2

Cells contain organized structures that perform a specific function. These are known as
which of the following is an accurate description of the plasma membrane
it is a phospholipid bi layer embedded with proteins
the first law of thermodynamics states that
energy can neither created nor destroyed
all the mass of an atom is considered to be in the
protons and neutrons
you isolate a cell with the following characteristics: (1) no nucleus, (2) only single type of organelle, and (3)2um in size.This cell could be a/an:
Which of the following is endergonic
the synthesis of glucose from carbon dioxide and water
Facilitated diffusion is similar to simple diffusion because
in both, material move down their concentration gradient
Carbon is such an important element for life because it
can form chemical bonds with a maximum of four other atoms
Which of the following is the correct order of events in a cell
DNA makes RNA, RNA makes proteins
which of the following is true of energy
it can be stored in chemical bonds
Isotopes are atoms of the same element that differ in their:
number of neutrons
which choice below correctly matches organelle with function
smooth endoplasmic reticulum- lipid production
The sodium potassium pump is an example of
active transport
the three main products of glycolysis are
ATP NADH and pyruvic acid
If a person is unable to clot blood properly,which of the following might be lacking?
Unique chemicals group that confer special properties to an organic molecule are called:
functional groups
The cytoskeleton is composed of
micro filaments, intermediate filaments and micro tubules
coupled reactions are
reactions in which endergonic reactions obtain the energy to go forward from exergonic reactions.
atoms with eight electrons in their outer shells tend to
be stable and unreacitve
entropy is the measure of ____in a system
which of the following statements concerning the electron transport chain is FALSE
the electron transport chain will work whether oxygen is present or not
The___ of a phospholipid molecule will seek water, whereas the____of the mo
In many cases, carbohydrates have the following ratio of elements
carbon,hydrogen,and oxygen in a ration of 1:2:1
What is the role of transport proteins within the plasma membrane
Transport proteins allow movement of ions and polar molecules through the plasma membrane
You work hard to pedal your bicycle up a steep hill. You rest when you get to the top then you let your bicycle roll quickly down the other side of the hill. You converted ____energy into ____energy, then you converted it back into
Which blood vessels are structurally suited for the central purpose of allowing substances to pass in and out of them through their entire lengths
Which of the following would form the fewest covalent bonds
neon (eight electrons in the second shell)
The monomers of polysaccharides are
none of the above
Buffering systems work to maintain pH within normal limits by:
removing hydrogen ions when conditions become too acidic and adding hydrogen ions when conditions become too basic.
You notice that water is running off the feathers of a bird in the rain. The reason is probably that the bird has coated the feathers with ___,which keeps the water out of them
Plasmodesmata and gap junctions are similar in that they
allow cells to communicate with each other
Glucose can be broken down to provide energy for the beating of cilia. Therefore,the glucose must contain
potential energy
Some enzymes contain molecules in the active site that help facilitate chemical transformations. These molecules are called.
You have isolated a cell that is unable to produce cholesterol for its cell membranes. Which of the following defects is this cell most likely to have?
the cell membrane will not have the correct fluidity
Blood carries most nutrients straight from the small intestine to which organ.
the liver
You mix sugar in water and stir until it's completely dissolved. In this system, the water is the ____,the sugar is the ____ , and the end result is a ____
Cell walls can be found as part of
plant cells,bacteria,fungi and protists
when the diaphragm contracts,the thoracic cavity (aka rib cage)____and you____
gets larger:inhale
which of the following is an example of a molecule being oxidized?
NADH being converted into NAD+
What makes an enzyme a catalyst
it speeds up a chemical reaction but is not changed by the reaction
blood flow from the heart,to the lungs,and back to the heart is known as the
pulmonary circulation
All of the following are functions of proteins except:
Storing genetic information
Diffusing molecules move___until they are____
down their concentration gradients; evenly disturbed
which of the following would you find in a plant cell but not an animal cell
a central vacuole
Red blood cells placed in pure water will swell and burst. What process is causing this to happen?
water is diffusing across the plasma membrane from a region of high(outside the cell)to low(inside the cell) free water concentration
Living things are highly ordered.so why does life not violate the second law of thermodynamics
life takes in energy to maintain order and,in doing so decreases order elsewhere
Digestion of which organic molecule takes a somewhat more complicated route than most nutrients?
what does oxygen allow humans to do?
produce more ATP from food
which structure contains deoxygenated blood?
pulmonary artery