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Kaplan GRE Vocabulary (Word of the day)

Peculiarity of temperament; eccentricity (People who have little contact with society often have many _________ ; it is not always clear if their odd habits caused them to withdraw from society, or if their eccentricities developed because of their isolation.)
Lacking in cunning or guile; straightforward, frank, candid (He had no secret agenda or hidden motives; completely ________, he always meant exactly what he said.)
Cure-all, remedy for all ills or evils (Common wisdom holds that chicken soup is a ______, good for any ailment, but science has never validated this claim.)
Marked by exaggerated or insincere earnestness; oily or slippery (The politician's opponents portrayed him as an ________ flatterer who would say or do anything to curry favor with voters.)
To arouse or incite, to promote the growth of (Lacking the military strength to attack the government directly, the rebels tried to ______ a revolution through speeches, newspaper editorials and other indirect means.)
Unfortunate; having bad luck (The ______ baseball team finished in last place after more than half its players suffered serious injuries during the season.)
Dictatorial in one's opinions; arrogantly asserting unproven or unprovable principles (His belief in his theories was _____, brooking no dissent and allowing no discussion.)
Relating to farming or rural matters (The small ______ community produced all of the grains and vegetables consumed by the entire state.)
Cautious, aware of potential consequences; prudent (Careful to preserve his reputation, the judge was ________ about making any statement that might indicate bias or partiality.)
To equivocate, to stray from or evade the truth (Unwilling to admit his complicity in the scheme, he ________
by omitting details that would have incriminated him.)