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Mynediad: Uned 21


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Be' wyt ti'n feddwl o ...?
What do you think of ...?
Be' dach chi'n feddwl o ...?
What do you think of ...?
Mae o/hi'n dda
It/he/she's good
Mae o/hi'n ofnadwy
It/he/she's terrible
Mae o/hi'n ddiflas
It/he/she's boring
Mae o/hi'n ddiddorol
It/he/she's interesting
Mae o/hi'n hyfryd
It/he/she's lovely
Mae o/hi'n wych
It/he/she's fantastic
Mae o/hi'n dalentog
It/he/she's talented
Mae o/hi'n gyffrous
It/he/she's exciting
Dydy o/hi ddim yn dalentog
He/she isn't talented
Ydy o'n ddiddorol?
Is it interesting?
Sut un ydy ...?
What is ... like? / What does ... look like?
Mae o/hi'n dew
He/she's fat
Mae o/hi'n denau
He/she's thin
Mae o/hi'n fyr
He/she's short
Mae o/hi'n dal
He/she's tall
Mae hi'n ddel
She's pretty
Mae o'n olygus
He's handsome
Mae o/hi'n hyll
He/she's ugly
Mae o/hi'n hen
He/she's old
Mae o/hi'n ifanc
He/she's young
Mae o/hi'n neis
He/she's nice
Mae o/hi'n gas
He/she's unpleasant, nasty
Dydy o/hi ddim yn dew
He/she isn't fat
Ydy o/hi'n neis?
Is he/she nice?
Be' ydy lliw ...?
What colour is ...?
Be' ydy lliw'r car?
What colour is the car?
Be' ydy lliw car Eluned?
What colour is Eluned's car?
Mae o'n goch
It's red
Mae hi'n las
It's blue