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Cell Theory

IBHL Biology
The Three Principles of Cell Theory
1. All organisms are composed of one or more cells.
2. Cells arise from pre-existing cells.
3. Cells are the basic units of life.
What are the Functions of Life?
1. Metabolism
2. Growth
3. Reproduction
4. Homeostasis
5. Response to stimuli
6. Nutrition
Exceptions of Cell Theory
1. Viruses
2. First cell (evaarrr)
3. Skeletal muscles and some fungal hyphae
What are viruses? (structure)
Pieces of DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein coat.
List sizes of 1. Prokaryotic Cells, 2. Eukaryotic, 3. Viruses, 4. Membranes
1. 1-5μm
2. 10-100μm
3. 50-100nm
4. 10nm
Examples of Prokaryotic Cells
1. Bacteria
2. Archaebacteria
Examples of Eukaryotic Cells
1. Protists
2. Animals
3. Fungi
4. Plants