Progressives Test

16th Amendment
A change to the Constitution allowing for the goverment to pass direct taxes, such as income tax
17th Amendment
A change to the Constitution allowing the direct election of Senators
18th Amendment
A change to the Constitution forbidding production, sale, and consumption of alcohol
19th Amendment
A change to the Constitution that gave women the right to vote
Jim Crow Laws
Laws passed AFTER the Reconstruction
Made segregation between African Americans and Whites legal
WEB Du Bois
Disagreed with Booker T. Washington
Believed that suffrage (the vote)was the way to end segregation
Help to start the NAACP
Booker T. Washington
Believed in equality through education
Accepted social segregation
Forced sparation of people of different races in public places
Journalist who reported the negative conditions found in factories, cities, and politics
Removal of an elected official by voters in a special election
Direct Primary
Election in which nominations of candidates for office are made by voters
Citizens can propose a bill/lawby petitioning with a specific number of signatures of registered voters
People can vote directly on a proposed law
Gilded Age
A period of time in US history when there is a newly created rich class
Thisclass of people were created by the growth of industry
Political Corruption
Illegal actions; used organization to gain power and influence laws
Political Machines
A political party organization in big cities that holds power by controlling votes, courts, and police
Political Bosses
The people that were in charge of the political machines
A person hired to represent a company or special interest group
Political Reforms
Changes made in politics to get rid of political corruption
First state for political reform
Robert La Follette was Governor
Factory Safety
Many ______ were very poor it had papers and items everywhere on the floor.
The bosses would lock the doors so the workers couldn't get out if a fire or emergency happened unexpectedly
Workers Compensation
Fund set up by business
Pay in determined by safety record in business
Labor Unions
A group of workers organizes working to make the work place safer
Child Labor
Brought by reforms
Pendleton Act( Pendleton Civil Service Act)
Set a merit system controlled by the civil service
At first the Act affected only 14,000 out of 130,000 federal jobs
Act now has more than 90% of the goverment jobs
Temperance Movement
18th Amendment made it illegal to consume, produce, and sell alcohol
Suffrage Movement
Started as abolitionist
Realized women were denied basic right and ability to vote
Susan B. Anthony
Worked to gain suffrage for all women
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Worked to gain suffrage for all women
Plessy v. Ferguson
(1896) Supreame Court Case that said separate facilities were legal if they were equal in quality
Reform President(Theodore Roosevelt)
I took over when McKinley was shot
I was known as a cowboy, reform, and progressive
These people brought attention to conditions established 1st national parks
Took trips to places to get publicity for preserving the areas
Urban Problems
Didn't have enough space and equipment to meet daily values. MANY FIRES! (Sanitaion, crime, over crowding, ect.)
Progressive Movement
The period of time that individuals try to solve problems in the country
Income Tax, Senators elected, Alcohol no no, Women Vote
What does ISAW Stand for?
both about voting
What do the 19th and 17th amendment have in common
Separate but equal
What did the Plessy v. Furguson court case mean
Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois
Who believed that Plessy v. Ferguson was wrong?
Booker T. Washington
Who started Tuskengee Institute
Workers compensation and labor unions
What were the solutions to factory safety and child labor?
Factory safety and child labor
What were the 2 problems in these four items workers compensation, fire safety, child labor, and labor unions
What does suffrage mean?
Band alcohol
What did the temperance movement do