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  1. Workers Compensation
  2. Recall
  3. Political Bosses
  4. Factory Safety
  5. ...
  1. a ...
  2. b Removal of an elected official by voters in a special election
  3. c The people that were in charge of the political machines
  4. d Fund set up by business
    Pay in determined by safety record in business
  5. e Many ______ were very poor it had papers and items everywhere on the floor.
    The bosses would lock the doors so the workers couldn't get out if a fire or emergency happened unexpectedly

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  1. A change to the Constitution allowing the direct election of Senators
  2. Election in which nominations of candidates for office are made by voters
  3. Forced sparation of people of different races in public places
  4. Journalist who reported the negative conditions found in factories, cities, and politics
  5. These people brought attention to conditions established 1st national parks
    Took trips to places to get publicity for preserving the areas

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  1. Jim Crow LawsLaws passed AFTER the Reconstruction
    Made segregation between African Americans and Whites legal


  2. Band alcoholBrought by reforms


  3. VOTE...


  4. Booker T. WashingtonWho started Tuskengee Institute


  5. Reform President(Theodore Roosevelt)18th Amendment made it illegal to consume, produce, and sell alcohol