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  1. Child Labor
  2. Political Corruption
  3. 18th Amendment
  4. Muckrackers
  5. Income Tax, Senators elected, Alcohol no no, Women Vote
  1. a Illegal actions; used organization to gain power and influence laws
  2. b A change to the Constitution forbidding production, sale, and consumption of alcohol
  3. c Brought by reforms
  4. d Journalist who reported the negative conditions found in factories, cities, and politics
  5. e What does ISAW Stand for?

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  1. What did the Plessy v. Furguson court case mean
  2. Citizens can propose a bill/lawby petitioning with a specific number of signatures of registered voters
  3. Forced sparation of people of different races in public places
  4. What were the solutions to factory safety and child labor?
  5. What were the 2 problems in these four items workers compensation, fire safety, child labor, and labor unions

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  1. RecallWhat does suffrage mean?


  2. both about votingWhat do the 19th and 17th amendment have in common


  3. Political MachinesA political party organization in big cities that holds power by controlling votes, courts, and police


  4. Elizabeth Cady StantonBelieved in equality through education
    Accepted social segregation


  5. Political ReformsThe people that were in charge of the political machines