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  1. Political Reforms
  2. Urban Problems
  3. Conservationists
  4. Jim Crow Laws
  5. Political Machines
  1. a Laws passed AFTER the Reconstruction
    Made segregation between African Americans and Whites legal
  2. b Changes made in politics to get rid of political corruption
  3. c Didn't have enough space and equipment to meet daily values. MANY FIRES! (Sanitaion, crime, over crowding, ect.)
  4. d A political party organization in big cities that holds power by controlling votes, courts, and police
  5. e These people brought attention to conditions established 1st national parks
    Took trips to places to get publicity for preserving the areas

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  1. First state for political reform
    Robert La Follette was Governor
  2. Journalist who reported the negative conditions found in factories, cities, and politics
  3. Fund set up by business
    Pay in determined by safety record in business
  4. The people that were in charge of the political machines
  5. What does ISAW Stand for?

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  1. Child LaborA period of time in US history when there is a newly created rich class
    Thisclass of people were created by the growth of industry


  2. Labor UnionsA group of workers organizes working to make the work place safer


  3. InitiativeForced sparation of people of different races in public places


  4. LobbyistsA person hired to represent a company or special interest group


  5. 18th AmendmentA change to the Constitution forbidding production, sale, and consumption of alcohol


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