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Which sociological perspective would note that social change has influenced the family, in that many traditional family activities (i.e., religion, education, and recreation) have been assumed by other social institutions?


Marianne and her children live in a neighborhood where all the families share their resources when someone needs help. The neighbors also consider themselves to be an extended family. Sociologists use the term _____ to describe these survival mechanisms.

Communal living

Which sociological perspective(s) would most likely be concerned with the stigmatizing nature of formal social controls that require convicted sex-offenders to register with police agencies and have their pictures published in newspapers to make their identity publicly known?


If a husband gets laid off from work, he is most likely to _______ of the housework.

Decrease his share

By focusing attention on the significance of the meanings that names and reputations have for people, labeling theory reflects the ____ perspective.


The way the grocery store can monitor your purchases and form a profile on you through the use of their "express" or "discount" card is an example of which of Marx's characteristics of New Surveillance?

more extensive

In her 8:00AM American Literature class, Ashley sat with her earphones on listening to her music. During class, her instructor would frown at her after class, the other students began to gossip about her behavior in class. The instructor's frown and the gossip of other students are examples of ____.

Informal social control

Every human group develops a system of formal and informal social controls to enforce norms and discourage deviance. They do so because deviance _______.

Not socially acceptable

A hospital has a policy of not hiring men as nurses, even if the applicants have earned high grades in their courses and on their board exams, because the hospital administration thinks that "patients will be uncomfortable with a male nurse." This is an example of:

Gender inequality

If Jessica decides that none of this would have happened if Spring Break did not prey on the vulnerable and exploit young women's sexuality, and decides to campaign against Spring Break by holding protest rallies and writing opinion pieces to national newspapers...this is an example of which concept?

Liberal feminism

A few weeks later, Jessica finds that she is running out of money near the end of the semester. After careful thought, she figures that if she could do it for a ride home after spring break, that doing it for actual cash shouldn't be a problem at all. This is an example of which type of deviance?

Innovation or secondary deviant behavior

Movie posters that depict a woman's abdomen to highlight her sexuality without also depicting other aspects of the woman (i.e. American Beauty) are examples of...

Depersonalization of body parts

Which of the following illustrates Arlie Hochschild's concept of the "second shift"?

Second shift- a women works full time and then comes home and cooks, cleans, and takes care of the children

The primary source of strain in the typical one-parent family is __________.


Although it does not endorse traditional gender roles, which sociological perspective implies that dividing tasks between spouses is beneficial for the family unit?


A central sociological principle of education is that a nation's education _____.

Reflection of the nations culture and economy

Sometimes people become even more deviant in response to being labeled as deviant. This occurs because ________________.

Self fulfilling prophecy

One of the functions performed by schools is to mold all students into a more or less cohesive unit. This function is referred to as _____.

Social integration

According to conflict theorists the educational system reproduces divisions of race and ethnicity in the United States. This example, illustrates that the major purpose of educational system is to ____.

Helps elite maintain dominance

Sexual orientation is a key identifying factor for:


The "gender bias" in public schools MOST CLOSELY associated with which of the following theories?

Interactionist perspective

Which of the following are examples of impinging activities in relation to domestic violence?

There is always a winner and a loser

Before a child is even born, prospective parents begin to decorate their room, buy clothes and purchase toys. Friends and family also give items such as clothes and toys at baby showers. When boy babies receive blue clothes and trucks, while girl babies receive pink clothes and dolls, this is an example of ___

Gender role socialization

The "hidden curriculum" refers to:

The standards of behavior that are deemed proper by society and taught subtly in schools: values, language

Agatha has worked for 10 years in the public relations department of a large firm. She has been promoted to several higher paying managerial jobs, but never to an executive position, even though she has directed several successful projects for the firm. Her lack of promotion illustrates ____.

Glass ceiling

Which component of Hirschi's conception of the social bond would concern the perception that rules exist for a reason?


While the notion of gender refers to sociological concepts the concept of sex refers to ____ characteristics


Which of the following paradigms would closely focus on school funding disparities?

Conflict perspective.

In the film Enemy of the State, the National Security Agency tracks a character (Will Smith) who they believe has incriminating evidence. One of the methods used is satellite tracking. Which of Marx's traits listed below would most apply to using satellite tracking?

Transcends distance, darkness, and physical barriers

Even today, patriarchy continues to exist because of the _____ that justifies male dominance.


Tracy knew John for 2 years. Most of Tracy's friends had real concerns about John for a number of reasons. Some thought he would be abusive; others thought he was self-centered and would never place Tracy's interests ahead of his. Tracy's family was mixed. Some thought he was fabulous; others thought he was okay, but that Tracy could probably do better. Which correlates of divorce are reflected in this example?

Disapproval by peers

An unemployed young adult wants a stereo, but he does not have the money or the means of earning the money that is needed to buy the stereo. His desire for the stereo overwhelms him and he steals one from a local store. This incident illustrates which theory of deviance?

Merton's Strain Theory of Deviance: Innovation (want to get to goals but by doing disapproved things)

If your grandmother continually warns your mother about the friends you keep, claiming that they will lead you astray and you will become a criminal, grandma is relying on which theory?

Differential association theory

A woman gets married right out of high school and shortly after she has a child. Her husband decides that he would prefer she stay home and take care of the child. Several years later, her husband becomes abusive; she flees to her parent's house -- just to be told to go back to her husband. She thought about leaving without her parent's support, but she had been out of the workforce for several years and had no real experience. This woman will most likely use which of the following rationalizations to stay with her husband?

Denial of options: Where to go? How do I pay for the necessary expenses?

Which of the following is NOT one of the groups that can be considered moral entrepreneurs?

Moral Entrepreneurs:
-Define the youth as bad
-Conservatives wanting to increase law enforcement
-Anti-gun advocates

A married couple, their children, and other relatives -- such as grandparents, aunts, or uncles -- living together in the same household constitute a (an):

Nuclear family

According to class discussion, when a sociologist studies the parent-child relationships within a family this reflects which sociological concept or perspective?


When we Use the ATM and the camera is visible (right in front of you), this best reflects which of Marx's traits of contemporary social control methods

Focuses on prevention of violations

Critics of bilingualism in United States schools argue that:

social change can be dysfunctional since it often leads to instability.

Nora is hired along with three men by a recording company. Over time, the men are all promoted to managerial positions. Nora, who appears to be an equally productive worker, is still in her entry-level position. This could be an example of:

Glass escalator

If a woman is being abused by her partner, and claims that she brought on the beating herself by "getting out of line", she is using which rationalization?

Denial of victimization

After Columbine, school teachers, administrators and parents decided that they needed to develop protocols and procedures to protect students and teachers in case of a school shooting. Their reactions were disproportionate because _____.

Moral panic

What theory argues that crime results when social institutions fail?

Social Disorganization Theory

If a person has been with his partner for many years, knows her likes & dislikes, and uses them in confrontational situations to escalate the situation, this reflects which trait of the family unit?

Knowledge of social biographies

One way that gender stratification persists in the workforce is by men being promoted more quickly than women in traditionally female occupations. This is referred to as the ________

Glass escalator

Putting children in school keeps them off the street and out of trouble. This is an example of a (an):

Latent function

If a sociologist contends that tracking helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching since there is less variance in the classroom, this sociologist most likely adheres to which theoretical perspective?

Functionalist theory

The "sandwich" generation is ____.

When individuals have to take care of both their children and parents

Which of the following paradigms focuses on how teachers classify students into classroom groups - based on their early school experiences?


A college student is caught cheating on an examination and is brought before a college-wide disciplinary committee, which decides to expel the student from the school. The committee's action is an example of:

Gibbs' Theory of Deterrence

Which of the following is NOT one of the elements of a moral panic?

o Heightened level of concern and increases levels of hostility
o A consensus that the threat is "real"
o A disproportionate reaction

Which of the following is true of white-collar crimes?

Crimes that are illegal act committed in the course of business activities, often by affluent "respectable" people

A wife explains that she cannot divorce her abusive husband because (1) she is afraid he would hurt their 2 children if she left them behind and (2) she is not sure how she would be able to support her 2 children financially on her own. So, she takes the abuse. The second rationalization reflects which concept?

Denial of options

Researchers who have studied cohabitation have concluded that most cohabiting couples __________.


Which of the following traits increase the likelihood that somebody will be divorced?

• Liberal divorce laws
o Irreconcilable differences
• Early marriage
o Younger you are when you get married the more likely you are to divorce
• Short courtship
o Shorter the courtship the more likely a divorce
• Disapproval by peers
o Friends need to approve of your partner
• $$$$
o Money a big variable- you want money.
• < High school education
• Divorced parents
o Continue the cycle
• Children pre-marriage
o Only marrying bc of the children
• Pre-marital cohabitation
o Won't value the marriage- not a big deal
• Dual-worker
• Fewer children
o Don't want to ruin the family

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