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great variety of melodies; traditional harmonies; strong pulses with regular meters; full-orchestras are common


avoids tunes; often very strange sounding; variety of textures; dissonant; irregular pulses and meter; small, colorful ensembles


dominated by melodies; traditional; strong-beat; syncopation; popular music ensembles


focuses on the "inner" world; generally expresses the subjective feelings and emotions of the artist


focuses on the "outer" world (reality and natural surroundings)


method of musical composition in which one or more musical elements is subject to ordering a fixed, repeated pattern (series)


dismisses the modern requirements that art music be atonal and original, appealing only to academic and elite "concert hall" audiences; makes the music accessible to all; recognizes the emotional appeal


constant, tonal harmony; repetition of small musical motives/fragments; slow musical transitions (introduces the texture of phasing)

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