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infectious disease

caused by harmful organisms or viruses

non-infectious disease

occur when a body system does not function properly

immune system

your bodies 3rd line of defense/ fights harmful agents of diesease

disease affects

the structure & function of cells

common causes of an infectious disease

bacteria & some types of fungi

what is protzoa carried by mosquitos called?



transmitted by water that has been contaminated by human or animal waste products


common causes of infectious disease

some examples of viral diseases

colds, the flu, and the chicken poxs

causes many non-infectious diseases

poor nutrition

lyme disease

ticks carry the spirochete bachteria that cause this diesease


this artery is almost intirely blocked by plaque, a mixture of fatty substances that sticks to the artery wall. Eating a healthy diet reduces the incidence of plaque.


causes cells to divide rapidly and incorrectly.

your bodies 3 lines of defense

1) physical &chemical barriers- skin,tears,saliva,earwax, mucas 2)processes that kick in should harmfulagents enter- like getting cut/inflammation/phagocytes 3) immune system


cells that surround and consume harmful disease agents that invade ur body/ one type of white blood cell


certain types of white blood cells that produce special proteins that fight invaders

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