28 terms

Ch. 3 Drive Right

a reminder to fasten safety belts
The safety-belt light is?
engine coolant
The temperature light or guage indicates the temperature of?
the braking system is not working properly
The brake-system warning light tells you?
fits snug
Adjust a safety belt so it?
a blind spot
The area to the rear of the car not seen in mirrors?
up so the lever remains on
To indicate a right turn, move the lever?
approach from the front of the car
When entering a car from the street side, one should?
Drive (D)
What is the gear shift's position for normal forward driving?
9 and 3
Which is the best hand position for driving straight ahead?
Steering your car in its intended path is called?
check traffic ahead, in both rearview mirrors, and over your shoulder
Before entering traffic from the curb, you should?
The pedal pressure should be gradual and frim to stop the car
Which of the following statements gives the best understanding of braking?
riding the clutch
Resting your left foot on the clutch pedal while driving is?
clutch pedal
You are starting a stickshift car. Your left foot should be on the?
where the car starts to move
The friction point is the point?
stop, let the engine cool, and have the cooling system checked
What should you do if the temperature light shows the engine is overheating?
trouble in the electrical system
What does the alternator warning light indicate?
a passive restraint system
The air bag in a vehilce is an example of?
maintain constant speed for highway or expressway driving
The cruise control allows the driver to?
Park (P) or neutral (N)
When starting a car with a automatic transmission, the gear shift should be in?
press down on the foot-brake pedal
Before shifting from Park to Drive, you should?
check traffic over your left shoulder
What is the last thing you should do just before moving away from the right curb to enter traffic?
tap the foot brake lightly
What should you do to flash the brake lights?
lock all doors
The last thing to do when leaving your vehicle is to?
What is the instrument that tell how fast a vehicle is moving?
What is the instrument that tell how many miles a vehicle has been driven?
fuel guage
What is the instrument that tell how much fuel is in the fuel tank?
What is it called to shift from a higher gear to a lower gear?