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African Violet

M-H light, <1, DS/WS, Mealybugs & flower thrip, not poisonous


L light, 1-3', FBP, mealybuygs & spidermites, poisonous


H light, 1-3', DP/WS, Mealybugs & thrips, poisonous

Benjamin fig

M-H light, >6', FTP, mealybugs, scale, thrips/ YES/NO poisonous

Corn plant

M light, >6', FTP, mealybugs & scale, not poisonous

Dragon tree

M, >6', FTP, scale brown tips, root rot, Not poisonous


M, >6', FTP, scale, brown tips, root rot, Poisonous

Jade plant

H light, 1-3', DP/WS, mealybugs, scale, root rot, not poisonous

Janet Craig Dracaena

L-M, >6', FTP, scale, root rot, QUITE PEST FREE!, not poisonous

Moth orchid

M-H, 1-3', DP/WS, mealybugs, soft & hard scale, crown rot, viruses, not poisonous

Norfolk Island pine

M-H, >6', FTP, root rot, easily dries out (keep evenly moist), not poisonous


L, 1-3', HB/PB, mealybugs (very rare) quite pest-free, poisonous


L-M, 1-3', HB/PB, mealybugs & scale (rare), poisonous

Rubber tree

M-H, >6', FTP, mealybugs & scale, yes/no poisonous


M, 3-6', FBP, mealybugs, scales & mites, poisonous

Snake plant

L-H, 1-3', FBP, crown rot (very pest-free) not poisonous

Spider Plant

M, 1-3', HB/PB, scale, flower thrips & fluoride damage, not poisonous

Umbrella tree

M, >6', FTP, mealybugs, scales & mites, poisonous

White sails/ peace lily

L-M(flowers), 1-3', DP or FBP, mealybugs, spidermites (rare), crown rot, poisonous


M-H, >6', FTP, mealybugs (rare), spidermites, not poisonous

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