12 terms

unit 4 test

legislative branch
evaluating bills prior to passing them along for floor debate is the responsibility of the _________
senate majority leader
congressmen conduct most legislative work in thier _______
this is used by members of congress to check various agencies of the executive branch
over sight function
member of congress who votes based on their political parties beleifs
meeting of congress called by the president to deal with pressing matters
special session
member of congress votes on his constituents
districts redrawn in advantage to a political party
Gerry wandering
all states seats filled from the states as a whole
member of congress votes on issues combining the merits of the order, their constituents beliefs, and their respective parties beliefs
member of congress votes on the merits of the issue
qualification for house
25+ years old
live in state rep.
7+year citizen
qualifications for senate
30+years old
live in state rep.
9+year citizen