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arousal-based models of persuasion heuristics
predict that arousal should inhibit deep processing and increase effectiveness of diagnostic heuristics
affective valence-based models of persuasion heuristics
differentiate between positive and negative feelings, and predict a different pattern for each of these types of affect (positive feelings cause shallower processing, negative feelings cause more careful processing)
social proof appeal
if many people are doing it, it must be good
scarcity appeal
if a product or opportunity is rare, it must be good
behavioral social proof appeal and attitudinal social proof appeal
what are the two types of social proof heuristics
distinctiveness scarcity and limited opportunity scarcity
what are the two types of scarcity heuristics
the explicit consideration of how a recurrent pattern of behavior, affect, or cognition may have served to solve recurrent adaptive problems that all ancestral humans confronted
domain specificity
mental mechanisms well-suited to solving one adaptive problem are often ill-suited to solving another
behavioral social proof appeal
everyone is doing it
attitudinal social proof appeal
everyone is talking about it
distinctiveness scarcity
stand out from the crowd
limited opportunity scarcity
limited time offer